We have to face the fact that we are busy individuals. There are a lot of things to take care of and attend to on a daily basis. Holidays add greater pressure to all that. However, it should not be a problem to actually think about last minute Halloween costumes to don around. After all, we need to unleash the kids in us at times.

While some people have all the time in the world to plan on their special getup for trick-or-treating or for the Halloween party, a number of individuals also tend to get caught up in frenzy over the holidays. Since no one wants to miss the Halloween fever, here are some creative ideas to make dressing up on Halloween simple, fast and easy.

1. Ghost - All it takes to create this is a piece of large white cloth. However, there should be emphasis on the whiteness of that cloth. Generally, black is associated with Halloween, but plain white also creates an impact.

Cutting out two holes for the eyes, the cloth is simply put over one's head to cover the majority of the upper body. If possible, it can cover the rest of the body.

2. The psycho - Nothing beats the psycho look when it comes to last minute Halloween costumes. One can simply put on ragged clothes and randomly apply red makeup on the different parts of the body to create the bloody effect.

3. Lady Gaga - We have to face it. Lady Gaga is fashionable and unique, but she can appear scary at times. One thing about this ensemble is how it can easily be achieved with the use of the most cost-efficient materials such as garbage bags and the likes.

4. Witch - The regular witch is an easy look to create as well. A black dress, rumpled clothes and a witch face mask are all it takes. Carrying a witch broomstick around creates greater emphasis on the entire ensemble.

5. Laundry Monster - The best and most awarded costumes are those that ooze with originality and a good amount of humor. This is a great asset of the Laundry Monster costume.

One can simply break the bottom of a laundry basket and let the body go through it and add some dirty clothes to the basket to end up with a monstrous heap of laundry. This might be a little heavy to carry around though.

Although there is the desire to be scary on Halloween, unique last minute Halloween costumes most of the time end up winning the prize and the admiration of everyone around.

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