Love is everywhere. It's the subject of movies and songs and ads for diamond rings. We're told that love is all we need and it's the answer to every problem. But what if love itself is the problem? What if love hasn't found you yet? Possibly you just need a nudge, a little help. Maybe an easy love spell would help things along.

Love isn't easy to find. And even when you find it, there are often some wrinkles to iron out. Do not worry. We are all destined to find our love. There is an abundance of love all around you and within you. Below are a couple of easy ways to open yourself up to the love that you were meant for.

Getting ready for love

Often the obstacle to finding love is ourselves. We are shy or afraid of being hurt or don't think we're worthy of love. Here's an easy love spell to help you get ready to find your love.

You will need:

*candles - white, pink or red
*red pen or marker
*warm bath

In red ink, write the following spell on a piece of paper.

"I see beauty all around
I see it shine in me
My heart is open and unbound
My love is pure and free"

Now you're ready to get started. Run a warm bath. If you have essential oils that you like, put a few drops in as the tub is filling up. Light the candles that you've prepared and turn out the lights. Just before you get in the tub, recite this love spell three times.

Step into the bath and feel the barriers to love slipping away. Imagine there's a light that radiates from deep within you. It's a beacon of love showing your heart mate how to find you.

When you are done, step out of the bath and recite the spell three more times. Blow out the candles and save them for days when you start to feel a little closed off. You can repeat this spell as needed with those same candles.

Finding your lover

You will need:

*Red or pink paper
*A friend who is the same sex as your lover

For this spell, start by making a list of all the qualities you think your ideal heart mate will have. Try to avoid physical descriptions. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Is he funny or romantic or cool? Is she feisty or sweet or quirky. Does your heart mate want a big family, an important career or lots of adventure? Make a list and include as many details as you can.

Now use your red or pink paper and cut out as many hearts as you have descriptions on your list. On each heart, write one description. These are your clues to finding your love. When you have all your hearts ready, ask your friend to hide them in common places all round your house so you can find them as you are going about your day.

Collect your hearts in a special place and save them for the day you meet your love.

These are two easy love spells that are amazingly effective.