While everyone needs some healthy fat in their body on a daily basis for proper body functioning, it's not the kind of fat found in most snacks. Low fat snacks are a great way to cut down on the unhealthy stuff in your diet.

Do you love chips and dip? Great! You can have some:

Cut pita bread into wedges, and separate the two layers. Bake on a cookie sheet for a few minutes until they are crisp. Make a great dip with nonfat sour cream, a Tablespoon of nonfat mayonnaise, and a packet of dry salad dressing mix (your choice of flavor!).

For an even easier low fat dip, grab a jar of salsa at the grocery store! The salad dressing mix is also a fabulous dip for cut up veggies. If you're not a big fan of raw veggies, make a goal to try a new one each week.

Don't just try them once. Give yourself three to five tastings (on different days), and eat the whole serving. You may be surprised as to what grows on you!

What about low fat snacks with more variety? Well, be wary of snack foods at the store that are specifically marketed as low fat.

Usually, these snacks have added sugars or sweeteners to make up for the missing flavor. The thing is, taking out fat doesn't always have to mean reduced flavor! There are tons of things you can eat that are low in fat and high in flavor!

If you need a bit of protein during the day, get some of the frozen soy burgers in the healthy food freezer at the grocery store. Cook them in the microwave and melt fat-free or low fat cheese
on top with a little shake of spices. This is a healthy protein that provides a longer-lasting pick-me-up than sugar or caffeine.

Of course, you really can't go wrong with fresh fruit as a low fat snacks option. Stay away from fruit juices, though – although they're low fat, they are very high in natural (and usually added) sugars and are really empty calories. You'll be hungry in just a few minutes!