Halloween costumes for pregnant women are available for soon-to-be moms who wouldn't want to miss on the fun Halloween celebrations. Why make having a baby a reason to stop you from having fun?

Just because you are carrying a child doesn't mean you can't dress up for Halloween. With these special costumes, you can easily have fun and fit in during this festive season.

Before, pregnant women have always been deterred from wearing costumes during the Halloween because of their growing belly. It's not easy to find a costume that will fit the body of a pregnant woman.

What makes it even harder is the growing number of women who thinks Halloween is an excuse for them to dress sexily with bunny costumes, sexy fairies and other alluring characters.

If you use your creativity, you can trump all these sexy women with a fun-filled costume that is totally outrageous, but in a good way. Be imaginative and funny and you will surely be the life of the Halloween party that you plan on attending.

There are numerous ideas that are worthwhile and if you think of a costume that will make you feel good and you think other people would appreciate, then go ahead and do it! There are many creative costume ideas that you can use that will not only give you a chance to dress up on Halloween, but will also use the fact that you're pregnant as something to dress up for.

One creative idea is to dress up as an eyeball. This may be a little funny but it's also an ingenious way to showcase your belly and even use it as one of your Halloween costume props. Even your husbands will extremely enjoy helping you out with this costume.

It's fairly easy and simple. All you need is black clothes, which is easy to find, and face paint. Make sure that the face paint you choose is safe for you and the baby and is hypo-allergenic to prevent any allergic reactions that you might get while applying the paint.

Dressing up as an eyeball is fun and easy. Just wear all the black clothes and ask your husband or friends to help paint your belly with the white paint.

Other creative ideas for Halloween costumes include dressing up as a pumpkin, as a pea, as a sports ball, a hamburger, a bun in the oven and even as a pregnant woman in the hospital.