Humans of all ages can use memory help. Since our brains improve with use (much like our muscles), new cells develop, and our memory can stay healthy with boosters easily available to us.

Memory Boosters Food

Foods that have Omega 3 fats to devour are:brain (24257)
  • salmon
  • mackeral
  • flaxseed
  • olive oils
  • avocados
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • leafy greens.
Blueberries, and egg yolks are helpful too.
    Coffee, cocoa, and curry (Indian spice), are other good memory boosters. Cocoa has flavanols which, according to wiseGEEK is:: Flavanol is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in various types of plants, in particular the cocoa plant. These antioxidant qualities found in flavanols can be extremely important to maintaining a healthy body. However, it is important to utilize cocoa flavanols that have not been diluted in order to receive the full benefit. Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, so it has a slight memory boost quality, too. I say slight because of the sugars usually combined to make the chocolate sweet - they diminish the flavanol. But, the chocolate tastes good, and maybe it goes along with enjoying social activities to help boost memory.

    Cinnamon may be a memory boost, although I've read that the cinnamon scent is really the true boost. Since I enjoy cinnamon, honey, cocoa and coffee, I combine them in my coffee for a real treat in the morning. The cocoa is genuine (no sugar or anything else in it), the honey sweetens it, the cinnamon gives more anti-oxidant and possible memory boost to the already healthy coffee. Yummm!

    Social Activities

    • playing games (cards, chess, video, board)
    • learning something new (back to college, trade school, take a new class, join a book club)
    • exercise (cycle, walk, run, solve puzzles, visit a museum, plant a garden, mow a lawn, shovel snow, babysit, doodle)
    • dance (around the house, at a class, at a dance, in a play).
    These activities often involve reading, writing, and challenging our brain. In dance, you have to use each side of your body whether you are right handed or left handed. Just like the challenge of using chopsticks, or writing with your opposite hand. Believing that you can learn, at whatever your choice may be, is a big plus to the boost.

    It helps greatly to understand whatever you want to remember. Then you can review, rehearse, and repeat it to increase the boost. Before you go to bed, think about what you want to remember, then sleep. More often than not, the memory will present itself the next day.

    Another easy memory boost is for remembering names of people. Really observe the person's face, and then, repeat his name after being introduced. Ask him a question to help the added memory of his name. Somehow this association makes the memory viable.

    Evidefloss (24255)ntly teeth plaque is bad for the brain. It contributes to gum disease which relates to brain health. Flossing diminishes plaque and gum disease. So, floss a couple times daily, and keep better oral and brain health.

    Remember to get 8 plus hours of sleep!