Slugs are nasty, slimy little creatures that will damage and kill plants in your garden. If you are wondering if you have slugs in your garden, all you have to do it look for the tell-tale slime trail. Slugs will eat just about any plant in your garden. There are many methods to trap and kill slugs. Many of these methods are harsh and will damage your plants such as using salt to dry them out or spraying the slugs with an ammonia and water solution. You also have to be careful if you have children and pets. If you set out a pie tin full of beer, it could quite easily become a fun placeHow to get rid of slugs for your son or daughter to play in or your dog's new drinking bowl. There are other methods to control the slug population, prevention is always best. Remove as many of their homes as possible such as a stack of wood or a pile of wet leaves.


To protect your garden from slugs, try the copper method.

Use thin copper tubing, thick copper wire or flat sheets of copper.

Form the copper into a circle that will be large enough to encircle each plant or make a larger circle to fit around a group of plants.

Place the copper circles around the plants.

When the slugs come in contact with the copper, a reaction will take place. The reaction causes an electrical current which is strong enough to electrocute the slug.

Egg Shells

Garden Slugs

Save your egg shells and smash them up.

Place the egg shell pieces around the plants.

When a slug slithers across the broken egg shell, the sharp edges will rip open their underside and they will die.

Sand and diatomaceous earth will have the same effect, but the egg shells will provide nutrients for your plants.

Pine Needles

Use pine needles as mulch.

The pine needles are sharp which will cut the slugs open plus the pine needles are acidic which slugs do not like.

Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your plants.

Diatomaceous earth is safe for people and pets.

Get rid of garden slugs

All of these methods are quite effective in killing slugs and keeping slugs away from you plants. Choose the method that is easiest for you.

If all else fails, you may have to resort to a commercially made organic alternative such as Bonide 905 Slug Magic Snail & Slug Killer Granules, which is safe to use around edible plants, children and pets.

Keeping slugs away from your garden will keep your garden healthy and looking nice. You can also attract birds to your garden that make a meall out of slugs. Place a birth bath and hang a bird feeder in your yard or garden.

Only choose a human safe, pet safe, organic slug killer because chemicals will absorb into the plant, fruits and vegetables where they can harm you.