If you thought that no easy money making system was possible and you need additional sources of cash, read this article. Why? Because I can tell you that there is a legitimate opportunity to make money quickly, easily and consistently available to you.

I was like you, wishing that there was an easy and relatively quick way to make money to supplement my income. After all, who could not use a few extra bucks now and again? Truthfully, it took me a while to figure out how this was done and I have finally cracked the code.

Believe it or not, there is no magic bullet, what there has been is a lot of hoping and wishing up until this point that I could make my life go forward. What I finally did was to give up the dream of money falling into my hands and make the decision to make it fall into my bank account instead. How did I do this? I got down to business and made the commitment to do some extra work to generate cash and then turn that small investment into regular reoccurring income while I was paying off my debts.

Here is what I did to get myself out of debt and create a better life for my family:

1. Adjust attitude from the easy way is the only way thinking. Bottom line, luck is not part of the quation, hard work, persistence and patience is. We make choices and those choices have consequences, plain and simple.

2. Find casual work to generate additional income. I got frustrated trying to pay off all my debt at nce, so half of the extra money I made went to paying off my bills, and the other half towards investing in resources that would make me passive income. I love to write, so I started writing (and generating passive income) on sites that pay you to write. There are tons of these sites around. Infobarrel is one of the newest and best in my opinion, eHow, Squidoo, and Associated Content are a few of the others which are good choices. The key with these sites is to write quality content that someone actually wants to read, volume, and time. Be patient it will take you up to 6 months to really start making a part time income, but it will come. Use the income generated through passive sources every month to continue paying down your bills as your part time income grows. Once your debt is paid you will have a healthy business to show for your efforts from there on out.

3. Once I paid off a bill, I simply moved on to the next lowest one. By paying the lowest first, what I ended up with was a few payments I could manage in relative short order. I feel better financially because I am better. You will be shocked how fast your success will come. Surprisingly, you will feel like you are spinning your wheels getting nowhere for a while, then suddenly, most of your bills are gone and you have started making some substantial additional income to your regular job. Regardless of where I started my financial dreams are just a matter of time now that I have a system for success. What could be better than that? Yes, there was some hard work involved, but the easy part is seeing your progress as you remake your life in a little over a year. For such drastic changes that really is very quick progress.

If you dream of an easy money making system, understand that they do exist. The thing nobody wants to tell you is that they all start with some work, hard work first.