Credit: Michael Lemmone

As far as I know, there are four methods that really work to make money online. They are all legit and all involve using Google Adsense, but none of them bring instant results. They will yield money, but how much you put in will determine how much you get out, and these are longterm goals, so keep that in mind. You can plan to start counting your money a year after you start, and it won't be much, but it will be pocket money if that's what you need. So, if you have the free time on your hands, and nothing better to do, why not make a few extra bucks?


Let's get right to it. Number four on the list is Blogger. Blogger is a fast and simple way to make blogs. You sign up, and within five minutes, you have yourself a brand new up and running blog. In this blog, you implement Google Adsense, and make money by getting traffic to your blog. Then you get to keep all the profits every time somebody clicks on the ads on your blog. I list this as number four because since it's not really a website, and just a blog, Blogger is one of the hardest places to maintain traffic. Although you get all of the revenue, they really make you work for it, so good luck in promoting your new blog.


Next up, at number three, is Hub Pages. Hub Pages is a website that allows you to write articles, submit them, and after they are uploaded to the site, you gain 60% of the revenue, while Hub Pages claims the other 40%. Hub Pages has loads of users, so while this may be good for getting traffic, it can also make it harder for your page to stand out when you are in an ocean of topics that all look the same. Other things worth mentioning are the functions you can add to your articles which they call "hubs." You told to add three pictures to your article and one video. There are other things you can add, but it's up to you. For the most part, every article I have seen has three pictures, and occasionally a video. Also Hub Pages utilizes something called a user score. It is unclear how your score goes up or down, but it has something to do with participation. If you participate more, either by commenting or publishing articles, your score will go up. If you don't participate frequently, your score will go down. It was mentioned on the page not to pay too much attention to the score, but that just makes one wonder why have a user score at all? From personal experience, I have seen my score drop multiple numbers per hour of inactivity. It's up to you if you think this is your cup of tea.


Coming in at number two, is Info Barrel. Info Barrel is more or less the same thing as Hub Pages. While not as popular as Hub Pages does have a growing base of users. It is easy to get your articles noticed, and is a rapidly growing website. The icing on the cake is they give you 75% of the revenue, and only keep the remaining 25%. It's up to you what you want to add to your article. Standard seems to be just including a single photo that relates to your topic, and so long as your topic is high quality, you should be good to go. The downer is since it is still a relatively new site, it does take time to get your articles processed. It seems like articles do not get processed on weekends, so if you submit on on Saturday, it may not get uploaded to the site until Monday. Also you have to factor in what time zone they are in. That aside, Info Barrel truly feels like the fastest way to write articles, get noticed, and upload them quickly without having to worry about a ton of unnecessary bells and whistles.


Then finally, at number one, we have Web Answers. This website is fairly simple to use, and the process is easy. It's a Q and A site. You make an account and you can post questions and answers to other people's questions. After you post 50 answers, you will be allowed to link your Google Adsense account, which will enable you to gain revenue for ads that appear in the questions you ask and answer. You get 60%, while Web Answers takes 40%. They have some formula which determines who gets what, and they aren't revealing what it is, so basically the only way you can make money is by being active on the site every day. If you answer about 20 questions every day, you would have the potential to earn one to two dollars a day. One thing to keep in mind though, is the payout does not occur until you reach the one hundred dollar mark. On average, it takes most people a month and a half to reach this mark, but since payout is only once a month, you will likely have to wait two months before you get your first pay. This is keeping into consideration you are an active user who answers questions every day, you should be able to earn around $100 every two months.


In the end, what you have to keep in mind is persevering. You have to think of it like a marathon. You always have the potential to make money, so long as you keep actively doing it every day. Remember, you have to treat it like a job, and then you will start making money like it is a job. Just do it every day, and then the money will start rolling in. For websites like Hub Pages and Info Barrel, you will need to write on average three articles a day to really start seeing results. Web Answers also requires daily activity in order to keep the money flowing. As for blogger, you need to be updating that thing constantly, and doing everything you can to promote your blog and get it out there. These are the only real legit ways to make money online. It sounds like work, and that's because it is work. That's how you make money. By working. Also it sounds like a long and grueling process for mere pocket money that you can spend ten times over before you even get paid, but that's how it goes. It's not difficult to make. You can even make an account on all four websites, and make links to your other accounts. If you have the time to do all four a day, you can really see an income build up. It may not sound like much, but if you are in between jobs at the moment, it's the best option you got. Good luck, and keep at it.