Learn unique and easy ways for kids to make money.

There are plenty of ways that can be explored if you are looking for ideas on easy money for kids to make. Working will allow kids to gain experience working with different people and money management. They will have their own money to spend how they wish or they can even save up for college.

Things You Will Need

Ambition to make money

Step 1

Baby sitting is a very popular job for kids. Your kids can expand this by making a business with other kids in the neighborhood. For those that are too young to baby sit by themselves, another easy money for kids to make idea is as a parent's helper. They can help the parents with house work, feeding the young children, and playing with the other kids. Kids can also simply clean houses for people in the neighborhood.

Step 2

The good old fashioned lemonade stand is a great and easy money for kids to make. This is a seasonal type of business depending on where you live, but during the colder times of the year they can substitute with hot apple cider. They can also sell other food items like donuts, coffee, and other snacks. Your child could also sell other things like their own artwork or crafts.

Step 3

An ideal easy money for kids to make is by washing cars. It is a service that is always needed! Gather a group of kids from the neighborhood or school and organize a weekly car wash stand or daily during the summer time. Combining this with the lemonade stand mentioned earlier can add more customers as they can have a snack, drinks, and socialize while they are waiting for their car to be washed.

Step 4

Kids are great house sitters. They can easily get the mail, water the plants, or even take care of pets while neighbors are away. An animal caretaker business would involve walking dogs, washing, and grooming, yet some kids may still need the help of the parents for this job depending on their age.

Step 5

If your kids love to be outside, then a landscaping type job may be the best thing for them. If they are old enough, they can mow the grass and trim bushes. Younger kids can work by weeding, planting flowers, or watering the plants. If you live in an area where it snows, they can shovel walkways and help lay down salt for another easy money for kids to make. In the fall they can rake leaves, making this the best all year round job for kids.

This is a great learning experience, not just a quick way for your child to earn a few extra bucks. Parents or other adults should always be close by if they need help. Make sure your kids stay safe while they work and they can be making easy money. For more ideas I would recommend taking a look at the book:

Kids Can Make Money Too! : How Young People Can Succeed Financially--Over 200 Ways to Earn Money and How to Make it Grow

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