Discover easy ways for teens to make money.

Most people think the only way for teenagers to make any money is to get it from their parents; however, this is just not true. There are plenty of easy ways for teens to make money. Thanks to the internet, teenagers now have more opportunities than ever to make their own money.

Things You Will Need

Ambition to make money

Step 1

Two ways to earn easy money for teens is by taking surveys or reading emails. This might sound like a scam but it's not. Teen can easily earn extra cash by giving their opinions for hundreds of companies. Other online companies will pay for visiting their sites. You can sign up for this easily and will get emails with a list of websites to visit and view. Some may ask that you leave a comment of some kind during your visit, but not always.

Step 2

Another online venture for teens is to start a money making website or blog. This is for teens that have or know someone that has a product that can be sold easily online. It does take quite a bit of skill to set something like this up, but they keep 100% of the profits for an easy way for teens to make money. Teens can join an affiliate company online to sell that companies products, yet keep in mind that they will be making a commission or small part of the profits.

Step 3

Yes, starting a business is another of those easy ways for teens to make money. Work around your neighborhood, doing odd jobs that people don't have time or don't want to do! Mow lawns, babysit, walk dogs, clean houses, wash cars! Teens can even paint houses, help with landscaping, grocery shop, and run errands, especially during the summer months when school is out. Tutoring help, type papers, teach computer skills, and give swimming lessons are some other things for teens to do to make money.

Step 4

Of course in the end, working for their parents or their friends can be easy money for teens. Some of these tasks can be accomplished online as well, especially if their parents or friends have a business of their own. The teen can help run the online ventures for the business to bring in customers. Or they can simply clean the office, file papers, read emails, or answer the phone. Parents will enjoy this venture as their workload will be decreased and they will get a tax benefit at the same time.

These are just a few easy ways for teens to make money. The internet makes it possible for teens to earn money in so many ways. Beware of scams and get rich quick schemes, do the research before getting involved with businesses online.

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