You’ve been working out and striving for that perfect body, but it seems as if you’ve hit a wall and can’t go any further. Busting through the wall is going to help you with your muscle gain. Staying still will only help you loose it.

Not only will busting through the proverbial wall help your muscle gain, it will also add size to your already existing muscles. There are several tips and tricks that I have used in the past that may help you.

First, change up your reps and your sets. This will help you break through that wall. Attempt using heavier weights and doing a lower number of repetitions. Using these kinds of exercises will allow your muscle gain to flourish.

Remember that you need to make your muscles tired. Lift until you can’t lift again. Make sure you have someone with you, also known as a spotter, to be safe. Your muscles need fatigue in order to make themselves stronger, so keep lifting!

Find a partner to train with. Often times having someone who shares your goals makes it easier to stay on track and not lose focus. Together you can help each other and you’ll bust through that wall in no time.

When you are really ready to bust through the wall, forgo the cardio workouts. Yes, cardio will make you ripped, but if you want to work on muscle gain, it’s not the way. Cardio can actually slow down your muscle gain and that is not what you are trying to do is it?

Now we all like to say we are eating healthy and proper, but are you actually doing it? Making sure that you are skipping the post-workout carbs is not the way to work on your muscle gain.

Your body needs that extra energy that comes from carbs, to repair itself, so by skipping it you are doing more harm than good. The most important section of time comes right after your workout. The replenishing is needed within the first hour after you are finished working out, so remember to eat or your muscle gain will suffer tremendously.

Hopefully these few tips will help your muscle gain progress and get you to break through that wall!