There are only 2 rules in the diet of a natural body builder:
- Eat fresh raw foods, focusing on dark green vegetables
- Eat 6 small healthy meals

Eat Healthy Raw Foods

Make sure you are getting enough protein as this is used in building muscle tissue, and proper amounts of fats and crabs. You can get all of this from your raw food diet with a supplement of a protein shake.

You need to make sure you are eating the right kind of crabs. This is what is providing your body with the fuel for energy. This would be your fruit, which will give you the energy needed and easy to digest.

Protein, as I have mentioned earlier is very important. One of the best sources for protein hare Hemp seeds, and other nuts and seeds. You should try to add these things to your diet consistently.

Protein shakes can also provide much needed protein right after a workout, which will help your muscles to recover and grow much faster.

6 Small Healthy Meals a Day

Small meals throughout the idea are the ideal strategy for a natural bodybuilding diet. Gone are the days of a big breakfast, big lunch and bigger dinner. This will do nothing but weigh you down and tire you out, and encourage unhealthy snacking.

We recommend 6 small meals daily because this is easy for your body to digest, less work for your meals, enabling you to use your energy toward your workouts. Big breakfasts, lunch and dinner are not suitable for a natural bodybuilder. This is hard on your digestive system and weighs your body down.

6 meals a day are recommend with breakfast as your largest meal and the most important meal of the day. You need a good breakfast to sustain your energy throughout the day. It is not recommended that you eat large meals for dinner or have late snacks, as this will ensure limit your fat increase.

The natural bodybuilding diet is designed to provide your body with the nutrition you need to promote the best results from your workout. You will see tremendous gains at a faster pace and feel stronger because of it.

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