Did you know that there is an easy way to regrow hair once it has already thinned using nutritional therapy treatments as a cure for baldness? Unlike what some may have led you to believe, you can help your body to support hair growth with vitamin therapy for baldness. Either poor nutrition or a diet too low in the vitamins and minerals needed to support hair growth can actually help lead to baldness. Before considering other hair loss treatments, the solution to your thinning hair may be as close as your local drugstore or natural foods store.

What Causes Baldness?

That certainly is a loaded question isn't it? Recent medical research has shown that baldness, or more often the thinning of hair is actually a combination of several factors. Genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, High DHT levels, hormonal disturbances such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause and disease or illness all play a role in our ability to grow a healthy full head of hair.

How to Treat Baldness and Thinning Hair with Nutritional Therapy or Vitamin Therapy

When treating baldness, you should consider the least invasive means as your first line of defense. When done correctly, vitamin and nutritional therapy will give your body the ability to have every chance to grow new hair or stop progression of hair loss altogether. There are two other advantages to natural hair loss therapy, vitamin therapy for hair loss, and nutritional hair loss therapies. The first is that vitamin therapy will also support your overall well being and general health, while the second is avoiding the need for harsh chemical treatments found in prescription hair loss treatments.

Vitamin or nutritional hair loss therapies focus on additional supplements of biotin, B-complex, zinc, vitamin E, magnesium, amino acids and inositol. In fact, you will likely find all of the above in addition to herbs like Nettle Root, Dong Quai or Saw Palmatto. The addition of one or more of the herbs listed above is useful in lowering DHT levels in men. By supporting the body's ability to generate and grow new hair nutritionally, while lowering the DHT levels at the same time, many have begun to see new hair growth fairly quickly with regular use.

The truth is that easy nutritional therapy for hair loss prevention or regrowth of new hair is as close as your local drugstore's vitamin supplements aisle. If you do not wish to take the supplements individually, you can also try one of the prepared hair loss vitamin supplements available online.