Easy Online Data Backup

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Easy Online Data Backup

There are several ways to obtain your online data backup but, it can be a time consuming process to do manually if you haven't ever done it and have multiple articles and information to save from various sites.

There's an easier way to do it although this method will cost you more money than manually backing up your own information. It could be worth it to try this method for online data backup for anyone with limited time or various writing sites or websites and blogs and much to lose if a computer crashes.

Don't wait until an emergency, fire or computer crash happens to you and you potentially lose all of your hard work writing articles. Save them this week and sleep soundly knowing you are fully protected!

What you'll need for Easy Online Data Backup:

Purchase an external backup device at your local computer shop, amazon or your favorite computer store. There are several options available to you and most will work for every computer and for everyone no matter how much computer experience you have. Most should cost you under $100 dollars for peace of mind and information safety!

Make sure that your external backup device has a USB cable that will plug into your USB port on your computer. If it doesn't come with one, buy it!

I went to my local computer expert and his recommendation to me was to use the acronis true image system for my online data backup. I trust my computer store and use this system which, works well but you can use another system recommended by your local expert if you prefer.

Go to www.acronis.com which will help you to add their system backup via the Acronis True Image Home 2010. The cost of this system is $50 although they will allow you to trial it first and download immediately. Save it to your desktop for immediate and future use for online data backup of your system and all information.

Plug your external backup device into your computer using the USB port and cable.

Click on your acronis backup icon on your desktop and simply follow the directions to backup your system.

The process will typically take anywhere from 15 minutes up to one hour depending on how much information is on your computer.

You'll get a complete system backup and will also be able to schedule acronis to do an online data backup weekly to help you save all your important articles, website updates or blog information. Busy article writers and bloggers need the peace of mind knowing that all their information will always be safe and available should a computer crash, a fire occur or other problem that can destroy your information.

Unplug the USB port and store your external device safely until you are ready for another online data backup again.

Use the updates that acronis provides to keep the system fresh and new with any information.

I hope you'll find this online data backup information helpful. If you'd prefer to do all of your own backup manually, you can read more about how to here:

Online Data Backup


Good luck and get an external backup device soon to save all your hard work online!