In your quest to find online jobs, chances are you have run into a million dead ends. It's no wonder easy online jobs are so hard to find -- the internet is filled with spam sites and sites asking you to pay for information you can search for free. As the years go by, more and more opportunities are popping up for people who are looking to earn an income from home. Keep in mind that you won't break the bank here, but the things I'm going to list require little to no experience getting started and are completely legitimate.

Easy Online Jobs - ChaCha May be One of the Easiest!
If you can type, are comfortable researching topics online, and have decent grammar and spelling skills, ChaCha may be the gig for you. With ChaCha, you answer incoming texts on a variety of topics via your computer. You may be asked anything. There are a few different jobs with ChaCha, and the pay varies for each. Pay varies from .02 cents per question to .20 per question, depending on your guide role. You must be 18 years old, US citizen, and have high speed internet to sign up. You'll have to train and take a few tests before you're accepted. Payment is made via direct deposit to your bank account, or you can sign up for a ChaCha debit card and pay yourself out any time you want. This job is lots of fun -- some of the questions are hilarious, and if you can build up your speed, you may be able to make $5 to $6 per hour. Granted, this is not much, but for just sitting at home, answering questions, it's not too bad and you may even enjoy yourself. Some people do it for fun rather than for the money.

Cloud Crowd
Working for Cloud Crowd makes perfect sense if you're addicted to Facebook as so many people are. You do the work within Facebook, so if you're logged in already, why not make a few bucks? What makes Cloud Crowd one of the best easy online jobs is that the work is a piece of cake. You're paid anywhere from a couple of cents to a few dollars to do things like tag pictures, edit recipes, categorize things, do data entry and more. The tasks are quick and you're paid per piece after your work has been approved. Anyone can sign up. Payment is made every day with Paypal! I think that's the best part. They also have a referral program that goes down three levels, so you will earn a commission off those you refer. Getting referrals is fairly easy because you can send out invites to your Facebook friends with the app. So, if you're already wasting hours a day on Facebook, make some money while you do it!

Even if you're not a professional writer, you can sign up to write articles for Textbroker. You will be required to submit a writing sample on a topic of their choice. If they approve it, you're in. Pay is per word and depends on your quality level. The levels go from 2 through 5. Level 2 writers get less than a cent per word, and level 4 writers get roughly a cent and a half. Level 5 pays three times what Level 4 does, but getting there is hard and you must have consistently good quality to make it. Another great thing about Textbroker is that you can receive direct orders from clients for which you set your own rate. If you receive a direct order, that means someone whom you wrote for really liked your work and wants you and only you to write their article. Textbroker is one of the best easy online jobs because you can improve your writing skills as you write for them. Once you have a handle on the freelance thing, you can move on to bigger and better paying places. You'll receive constructive criticism on your articles so you'll know what areas you need to improve and where you're doing well. Don't let the fact you're not into writing scare you off. Give it a try! They pay twice a month with Paypal, and they pay promptly. People who are fast can make $10 to $20 an hour, and you will get faster the longer you write for them.

These sites will not make you rich, but it's possible to bring in $300 or more per month with any of them if you work consistently. In your search to find online jobs, you probably won't find too many other places that will pay you to do things you love like answering texts, writing, and playing on Facebook. The three I have listed are some of the best easy online jobs that practically anyone can do.