Doily Favor

It seems whenever a wedding is on the horizon or the birth of a baby is near, people are faced with an event to plan.  Party favors are often part of the planning and with budgets stretched as they are today, the cost of the favors is an issue. 

This party favor idea can be used for large events or for a special surprise at a birthday party, or even an intimate dinner at home with friends.  The basic design is simple, a cone shape made from card stock.  It's also very inexpensive. 

The template for this cone is not a perfect square.  You’ll find complete instructions for creating the shape of the basic cone and instructions for assembling it at the bottom of this article along with details for creating the cone made with a doily.

The cones can be displayed by hanging them from branches of real trees for outdoor events or artificial trees indoors.  They can also be hung from wire hangers like the kind used for Christmas ornaments, and attached to ornate wood or metal room screens, or simply dangled from the back of chairs at a large event.  Punch holes in the sides of the cones to attach the hangers which can be made from wide or narrow ribbon, chain, raffia, cord, or any other flexible material.

Another option to hanging the cones is to place them in empty glassware.  Wine or water glasses will support the favors and give the party room a creative and unified look.  Eye-catching cones displayed in this way may eliminate the need for other table decorations.

Black Tie Favor

Fill the cones with any collection of small edible or non- edible objects like designer chocolates, nuts, or small memorabilia.  Group the objects by cutting 12” squares out of netting, gift-wrap tissue, or any other interesting paper or fabric squares.  Place the objects in the square, bring together the four corners, and tie a ribbon around the package to secure it.

Cone Fillers

Here are some ideas for decorating cones.  Some are simple and some require computer design ability.

EASY FAVOR – The no fuss, fastest way to create beautiful cones.  Glue purchased wrapping or specialty papers to the cone shape for a beautiful look that requires no artistic ability.  Depending on the weight and texture of the paper, adhere it to the card stock using double sided tape, Elmer’s glue, hot glue gun, or adhesive spray.

TEXTURED FAVOR – Glue interesting fabric onto the cone.

ARTISTIC FAVOR – Use paint and markers to create one-of-a-kind designs on the cones or ones that are personalized for guests.  If you’re not artistic, consider using stencils to achieve the look you want.

WEDDING/WEDDING SHOWER FAVORS - Consider creating a collage of photos of the couple to print on the cone. 

BABY SHOWER FAVOR - Hang a party favor pacifier to the decorated cone.

VALENTINE FAVOR  - Cut the peak of the cone into a heart shape and slip a diamond ring inside!

GARDEN PARTY FAVOR – Fill the cone with floral seed packets and decorate the outside with floral images.

PUPPY BIRTHDAY FAVOR – Fill the cone with dog cookies or other treats.

BLACK TIE/OSCAR PARTY FAVOR – Print a tux on the card stock using a simple “V” shape on one corner. Glue on a bow tie made from ribbon.


Basic Cone Template

Basic Cone Template

Make a template for your party favor cone.  Begin by creating a square that measures 6.75” on all sides.  Measure 6.5” down from the top right corner of the square and create a horizontal mark.  Measure 6.25” from the bottom left corner and make a vertical mark.  Extend the horizontal and vertical marks so that they intersect and draw new lines from the upper right corner and the bottom left corner to the point of intersection.  These new lines are the shape of your basic cone.  The upper left of your drawing will be the highest point or top front of the cone.  The lower right corner will be the bottom of the cone.


The Doily Party Favor

Print or draw your basic cone on card stock in a color of your choice. 

Lightly dot drops of glue on the wrong side of the doily.  We used a rectangular doily we found at Joann's that measures 10"X 14". 

Dot With Drops Of Glue

Glue that spreads to open spaces will create a milky stain on the color stock when it dries so try to contain the glue.  As an option, you can apply stencil adhesive spray for a uniform application which will securely adhere the doily to the card stock. 

Join the two surfaces by aligning the top edge of the cone to the top edge of the doily.  Press in place and allow to dry.

Join The Two Surfaces

Turn the cone to the wrong side and cut the doily to match the shape of the cone template on the two bottom edges without the curvy doily border.

Punch holes for the hanger positioned 3.75” to the left and right of the top center of the cone.

Fold up the bottom edge of the cone .25” with the wrong sides touching.  Apply glue to right side of the fold.

Bring the upper right corner of the cone to the bottom left corner fold line and press to seal together creating the cone shape.  Once the glue is dry, the seam of the cone will be complete.

Thread ribbon into the punched hole on one side of the cone.  Create a knot in the ribbon on the outside of the cone to prevent it from slipping out of the hole. 

Thread Ribbon Into Punched Hole

When you’re sure the knot is secure, cut the excess ribbon from the knot trimming as closely and cleanly as possible.  Measure out the desired hanging length for the ribbon.  Slip the opposite ribbon end through the punched hole on the opposite side of the cone.

As an option, create a 1” wide by 2.5” long tag with a message or the name of the event printed on it. 

Optional Hanging Card

Create the tag out of card stock and punch a hole in one end.  Pull the ribbon through the hole and knot it.  Trim off the excess.  Fill the cone with special treats for your guests.

Have fun with this project by printing personal messages and images on the basic cone in Photoshop or a similar photo manipulation program. 

Bad To The Bone

Add text, die cut tags, rhinestones and any other elements that might complete your designer favors and result in a theme that suits your event.  See more creative party favor images made from cones.

What you do with the cone shape will make the party favor unique, suited to the event, and appreciated by your guests.