Want to impress your friends with some fun easy party tricks? Here are a few that you will be able to master with very little practice or effort.


This party trick requires the use of 4 flat-bottomed glasses and 3 dinner knives.

Use 3 glasses and 3 knives to support a 4th glass.
Interlock the 3 knife blades, weaving 1 blade of each knife under the blade of the knife to its left and over the blade of the knife to its right. Rest the knife handles on three glasses and place the 4th glass on top in the center of the interlocked knife blades.

For this easy party trick you will need 3 glasses filled with water and 3 empty glasses.

Arrange the 6 glasses in a row. Start from the left with 2 empty glasses, then three full ones and, finally, 1 empty glass. Now, by touching only 1 glass, rearrange the row so alternate glasses are water-filled.
Simply pick up the 4th glass from the left and pour the water into the 1st glass on the left. Replace the newly emptied glass back where it came from.


For this party trick you need a sheet of glass, 2 books and a piece of wool, or silk, that has been warmed on a radiator or in front of a fire. Also, cut out some animal shapes from a piece of paper.

To perform the trick, support the glass sheet with the books, which should be placed some distance apart. Then rub the glass sheet with the warmed wool, or silk. Now place the paper animals beneath the sheet of glass. They will jump up and down due to the static electricity created when you rubbed the warm cloth on the glass.


You will need a 2-3 ft length of string and a table for this party trick.

To hold the string at both ends and then tie a knot in it without letting go.
Lay the string stretched out on the table. Fold your arms, then take the string at each end with opposite hands. When you draw your hands apart, the string will be knotted in the center.
For this party trick you just need 9 matchsticks.
Take 9 matches and turn them into 10.
Lay the matches on a flat surface to spell out the word TEN.
These easy party tricks are fun and require few skills. You could use some of these tricks to win free drinks when you're out with friends. Bet them a free drink that you can solve the unsolvable problem and watch them groan as you accomplish it! 




Use Everyday Items Like Matches for Magic Tricks to Impress Your Friends