Camp breakfastBreakfast on camp is one of the most wonderful experiences. You get up early (because who can sleep in a tent once it’s light?) and then get to cook and eat outdoors! However, you’ve probably got a packed programme  for the day and can’t afford to spend hours cooking and eating breakfast. Here are a few ideas that I have picked up/ made up/ been taught by small children over the years.  Most of the ideas aren’t too healthy but you can exchange ingredients to improve them if you want, e.g. use light spread instead of butter. However I don’t worry too much about this on camp. When people are out of doors all day they need to keep their energy up!


Jammy Eggy Bread (or French Toast with Jelly, for my brothers and sisters across the pond)


6 Eggs

Splash of milk

12 slices of bread

Jam or marmalade

Oil or butter to fry.

Beat the eggs and milk together. Make jam or marmalade sandwiches with 2 slices of bread each. Cut sandwiches in half. Soak each side of the sandwiches in the egg mixture. Fry on both sides until slightly brown and the egg is cooked. This is a good one to do on a griddle over a cooking fire


Fried bread

This is such a simple one, but a real favourite with my Guides on camp. I’ve learnt that there’s no point preparing elaborate breakfasts because once they see that there’s bread and butter this is all they’ll want to eat.




 Butter both sides of a slice of bread. Fry in a hot pan. Enjoy!


1 Cup Pancakes

Measuring equipment is a faff on camp. If you want pancakes here is a foolproof recipe that only uses your camp mug as a measuring tool – no scales, no measuring jugs, no messing around.

Serves 4


1 egg

1 mug milk

1 mug self-raising flour

 Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Spoon into a hot frying pan. 1 ladle of mixture = 1 pancake. Serve with fruit and yoghurt or chocolate spread, depending on how healthy you want to be!


Leftover mashed potato cakes

Mash seems to be a camp staple, so consider cooking  a bit extra the night before and having delicious potato cakes for breakfast. These are really delicious with bacon, especially bacon that has been cooked over a fire with some aromatic wood in it, to make it nice and smokey. 

Serves 4


1 lb cold mash

1 tablespoon chopped onion

1 tablespoon chopped herbs (parsley is my personal favourite but you can use whatever herbs you have around)

Salt and pepper


Butter/ oil for frying

Mix together the potato, onion, herbs and salt and pepper. Add a little flour at a time until you have a dough that can be formed into small patties. Make your patties quite thin – about ½ inch. Fry in butter or oil.


The Cleverest Eggs Ever

This dish got its name when one of my Guides realised just how efficient these eggs are and exclaimed, “No washing up! These are the cleverest eggs ever!”



Omelette ingredients – cheese, ham, veg, whatever you fancy

Ziploc style freezer bags

Crack eggs into the bags (two person job!). Add other ingredients. Seal bag with as little air inside as possible. Mix up eggs and ingredients by squishing the bag. Write names on the bags in permanent marker if you wish. Drop into a pot of boiling water and cook for 5-10 mins until eggs are cooked. The water stays clean so it can be used for washing up afterwards (not that there is much from this dish). 

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