First things first: Easy products to sell on Ebay are those products, in those markets, that are currently the hottest. The thing about selling on Ebay is that if a product is not "hot," that is the market is not hot, then the person might just as well go to the store and buy the item there. If the market is not hot, then the product is not going to sell for a premium anyway and waiting around for shipping isn't worth it in many cases for the buyer.

But the problem for the new seller is that the hottest markets have the most intense competition. So, there is actually a much better strategy if you want to get started making money on eBay. And I am going to explain how a new seller can develop a profitable eBay strategy and even offer a little specific advice about some items to sell.

How to Find a Market to Profit From on Ebay

Discovering a niche, or market, that has interest (and low competition) is a very important element to starting a successful Ebay business, even if your goal is just a little extra spending money. For instance, I have found that it is easiest to get started making money by selling products within a very narrow niche. It is better, especially if you are interested in making money on Ebay but do not have a lot of money to invest in buying inventory or are inexperienced, to focus on a particular area, or niche, at first and branch out from there as you start making money.

Most people who try to get stared making money go the opposite route. They flail around for a while, trying to sell all sorts of products in dozens of markets. For instance, they might sell a collector's plate one day and try to list a digital camera the next. This is not a good strategy that will consistently make you money because you will never learn one market.

The great thing about focusing on one niche is that there are so many niches to choose from. You can even pick a small, you think, market, but since eBay gets billions of page views each month, you are almost surely likely to find someone interested in that niche. What will take time is locating the right product that will be profitable within that niche. For instance, you may decide that you want to sell antique mechanical banks, but it may take a little bit of work to discover which antique mechanical bank brands and models are actually selling at a high enough price to make a nice profit for your trouble.

As a seller myself, I have tried a few different smaller markets that I had success in, and I define "success" as a profitable Ebay transactions where the buyer is satisfied with the item, and I still use those markets and niches to sell products in today. I have also expanded my business to sell many more items on online marketplaces, and I hope to continue to grow my business until one day I am one of those 7 figure a year Ebay power sellers.

What I want to do is share some products with the readers of this article that my research shows will actually be LIKELY to be profitable for the seller. In other words, these are markets that I think have very good prospects for anyone looking to get into Ebay selling and wanting some easy ideas for products that will make money. So, I've done a little research and am going to be sharing the result.

Easy Products with Great Profit Potential for Online Sellers

Market Number One: Plus-Size Shoes

A significant number of people have oversized or over-wide feet and have trouble finding shoes in the regular stores that will fit them appropriately. These folks are a natural audience to appeal to because they do a lot of their shopping online rather than trekking to a specialty plus sized shoe store. So you have a natural advantage because the product that they need is actually tough for them to find at the local Walmart.

For this reason, these items actually sell well on Ebay (or any other marketplace). Once you get over size 10 (for a woman) and size 14 (for a man) these items have fantastically high sell rates. This makes this market great for sellers because on Ebay you have to pay a listing fee to get your item in the marketplace. Therefore, if you are unable to sell a good percentage of your items, you can get your margins sliced and maybe even end up losing money.

Also, while many people think of larger feet as a male condition, both men and women can have out-sized feet that need unusually large shoe sizes. Therefore, this small niche market will appeal to men and women.

Market Number Two: Monitors for Heart Rate

You probably know what a heart rate monitor is: these are small gadgets that keep a read on a person's heart rate, typically while they are exercising. The current heart rate monitors keep getting better and smaller and true gym fanatics are always interested in the latest model. In fact, the heart rate monitors produced and marketed to athletes are becoming as sensitive as medical monitors used in heart hospitals in the Western world. These items, also, tend to make great products to sell on Ebay and here is why:

Each year the "new" gizmo includes a feature that the last year's model did not have. So serious amateur athletes are frequently upgrading. Because of this, this niche item sells fantastically well on eBay. Over 75% of heart monitors listed on Ebay over the previous 90 days ended up selling. As I already mentioned, having a high success rate on your listings is critical to making money on eBay due to listing fees.

Also, heart monitors are easy to source and small and easy to ship. This is a super market for people looking to make money selling products on Ebay and, if I wasn't such a nice guy, I'd probably save this market for myself.

Market Number Three: Maternity Wear for the Plus Size Female

You may be wondering if I have a thing for people of unusual size after first mentioning the large feet market. But, this is one of the keys to having success selling on Ebay, you want to pick a market that is not the norm. You want to single out a smaller slice of a larger market that has trouble finding products that work for them for some particular reason. In this instance, there are many women who, naturally, gain weight when pregnant. Most of the maternity wear and maternity accessory market is focused on these natural-sized pregnant women.

But the fact is that there are many overweight and plus size women who become pregnant as well. These women also gain weight in their pregnancy, but are too large to fit in most of the items that they can find at maternity stores.

Again, you can probably see why I like this market as a niche to sell to on Ebay. They have a need, maternity clothes, and yet they have to find a specialty shop to get this need met. Also, clothes as a general rule are an easy item to sell on Ebay, both vintage and new clothes, because everyone buys clothes and they are super easy to ship, being unbreakable and not heavy.

Those are three great ideas for niches for a newbie eBayer to get started with and actually turn a profit right off the bat.

I want to restate the advice that I gave at the beginning of this article. If you are new to selling online and want to make extra money or even start an Ebay business, your best bet is to start small with a narrow market, figure out what sells in that market, and then sell to those customers at a profit. Then it is matter of expanding into more successful items in that market, again items that will sell at a profit that the buyer will be satisfied with, until your income reaches the goal that you have set.

Remember, that even if you don't become an eBay power seller or eBay millionaire, there are still many ways that you can make extra, easy money each month once you figure out how to sell on eBay and how to research a market. If this is something that appeals to you, I would encourage you to get started with your research pronto.