6 Inexpensive Baby Teething Remedies

When babies are teething they are going through a world of pain in their mouth. There are a lot of easy remedies to help get babies through teething. Most are inexpensive and will work wonders on your baby, whether they have no teeth showing yet or a few have come through already.

Sophie Giraffe – This is the number 1 remedy to help get babies through teething pain. Sophie Giraffe was created in 1961 for the sole purpose to help with teething pain in babies by using counter pressure. The giraffe is an odd enough size that it fits perfectly with the baby’s small hands allowing them to easily grasp it. Additionally, Sophie GiraffeSophie the Giraffe is made of smooth natural rubber and coated with food paint. That way your teething baby will want to chew on the toy and not reject it. It is recommended to purchase 2 Sophie Giraffes and keep one in the freezer switching them out when needed. The cold sensation will give a natural numbing to your baby’s gums.

Teething Powders – One of the older tricks in the book, baby teething powders can be perfect for instant pain relief. The huge benefit with teething powders is that they can be used under 6 months of age (just use half the dosage). They are great for getting any fussy baby some relief if nothing else is working, or you are trying to put them to sleep for the night.

Infant Pain Relievers – These will be your infant Tylenol or Ibuprofen. These can be used to help ease the pain, but should be used cautiously. Ask your pediatrician if any of these will be fine to help your baby get through teething. There might be some age restrictions with the dosage for this remedy. 

Frozen WashclothFrozen Washcloth – Every mom’s secret remedy to help get babies through teething pain. Just take a few of your washcloths and get them wet and put them in the freezer. You should also tie a knot in one end giving your baby a different terrain to chew on. The washcloth is soft enough that it won’t hurt their gums and the coldness will numb the painful area.

Your Finger – First you will want to wash your hands and make sure that they are nice and clean. Next take your index finger and either let your baby gnaw away on it. This is easier if they don’t have any teeth that have broken through. If you don’t want your baby chewing on your finger then push it against their gums. This will give them the counter pressure that they are looking for. This might give your Upset Babybaby a little discomfort at first, but they easily get used to your finger pushing against their gums.

Cold Drinks or Food – When you go to give your baby some food or a drink make sure it is cold. It will help numb the painful teething area in their gums and still giving them their nutrients that they need. This can sometimes be on of the harder remedies to help get babies through teething since most mothers are breast-feeding. If you are breast-feeding, use one of the other methods above.

These are some of the easy remedies to help get babies through teething. Just follow some of the above steps and your baby will be in a pain free environment. If you know of another way to help with teething pain, feel free to leave it in the comments if you wish.