There are about hundreds of remedies for pimples. But of course, like many others, it might be both hard and expensive to find the best one that will truly work for you. The best way to find something that will work for your pimples is to consult your dermatologist, or to experiment on your own.

You can find remedies for pimples both in stores and in your home. You just have to know which products or ingredients really work in killing those inflammations.

Here are some ingredients that lessen pimples and acne, and how they are able to work into your skin.

· Salicylic Acid, Sulfur & Benzoyl Peroxide – they have bacteria-killing properties, which penetrate your pores and kills the bacteria from within so it won’t be able to form into pimples; available in soaps, cleansers, creams and gels.

· Alpha Hydroxy Acid – it is an effective ingredient which removes dead skin cells from your face, thereby cleaning clogged pores and preventing it from being inflamed and irritated.

. Erithromycin – this antibiotic can be put on pimples and acne to kill the bacteria.

· Microdermabrasion/Exfoliation – it removes dead cells, as well, and promotes good blood circulation.

Of course, there are also some things which you can find in your house to help clear up your pimples. Here are some:

· Lemon juice – since it’s acidic, it can kill bacteria, although it might sting a bit. · Toothpaste – it dries pimples overnight.

· Honey – it also kills bacteria and acts as an antiseptic.

· Oatmeal – absorbs excess oil and purifies the pores.

· Yogurt – can be a good mask to soothe inflammations, and to give good bacteria. Preventing and treating pimples don’t have to be expensive all the time.

You just have to know which things work as remedies for pimples, and work your way to having a clearer skin. While this is not all the possible pimple remedies that exist, these have been found to be quite effective. Some are all natural and some are not. You might even have some of them in your kitchen right now, so why not give them a try?