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     Asphalt roofing continues to be the number one choice of many home owners.  It is inexpensive, easy to maintain and repair, and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

     Asphalt shingles can be damaged by wind, rain, snow, and frost.  Damaged shingles should be repaired immediately to prevent water leakage into the structure below.  When you install a new roof, make sure to save a few extra shingles in case repairs are needed.


     1. To remove the damaged shingle, you must first pry loose the nails holding it in place.  The top surface of the shingle will be covered by the shingles above, so bend these back gently, and remove the hidden nails. 

Note: Always do asphalt shingle repairs on a warm day, when the asphalt will be slightly softened and not crack so easily.

        If you are replacing a missing shingle, make sure to remove any nails that are left behind.    

    Easy Repairs For Asphalt Roofing(114239)Credit: google images2.  Pull lose the damaged shingle and brush the area clean.

     3.  Slide the new shingle into place under the shingles above, and align the bottom edge with the shingle on either side.

     4.  Use rust resistant roofing nails when working with asphalt shingles.  After making sure that the shingle is held firmly in place, nail it down. Work along the bottom first and place the new nails near where the others were removed.

     5.  Use a flat bar to drive in the top nails so that you don't damage the neighboring shingles.

     6.  Roofing cement comes in cartridges that fit into caulking guns.  Use a dab of this on the nail heads and under the edges of the new shingle, as well as any that were disturbed during the repair.

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Strong winds can easily lift shingles.  Repair these before they suffer further damage.

     1.  With your caulking gun, run a thin bead of roofing cement under the lifted area.  Press down and hold briefly with a brick or other weight.

     2.  If any lifted shingles are torn slightly, run a bead of cement along the tear and hold the torn edges in place with roofing nails.  Dab some cement over each nail head.

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     When you begin to find large areas of damaged shingle, it is probably time to consider investing in a new roof.