If you think that all resumes look the same and contain the same information, think again. To be able to view resume example, you can always purchase books that serve as guides on how to make one that stands out. Below is an example of a comprehensive yet concise resume:

Full Address
Contact Details/ Mobile Number
Email Address


Educational Background
Year Attended School Location

Work Experiences
Year Attended Company Name and Position Held Location

Seminars/ Trainings Attended (optional)
Year Attended Name of Seminar Location

Special Skills and Interests

Let's take a closer look at this resume example, which means that you can freely add other essential information which you think may be applicable.

First of all, it would always be appropriate to include a picture in your resume. In fact, a lot of companies require the applicants to send a 1x1 or 2x2 picture just so they have an idea of how you look like.

Your contact details and email address are very important because this is how the interviewer will reach you.

Make sure to include your mobile number so you can still get the call even when you're outside the house. The next significant info in the above resume example is the objective.

A lot of applicants forget to place their objective because they think that this is not needed. Your objective can say a lot about your career goals.

When creating an objective, think long-term. A few good work objectives are planning to contribute and grow with the company. This can be plus points and might help you land a slot in the firm.

The educational background and work experiences are equally important, because these can be good basis about your personality as well as work ethics.

Not everyone has attended a special training, so this field is optional. But it would be a great deal of help to put a few of your extracurricular activities.

Finally, your special skills and interests will "break the ice" and let your interviewer peek into the fun side of your life. This can also help him evaluate if you are really qualified for the job.

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