Running is the best exercise for the body, heart, and to burn calories. It is one of the easiest forms of exercise that only requires a good pair of shoes and great location that is safe.

There are methods to become a runner; running for beginners if you are patient and use the following information to be prepared for the new venture.

Start off by seeking medical advice to make sure you are in proper physical shape. Once you have been cleared by your doctor purchase a quality pair of running shoes in a specialty shop dedicated to excellent running shoes. Bring a second pair of older shoes with you as well as second pair of socks.

The clothing you need for running includes a simple pair of comfortable shorts and a lightweight shirt. Some runners wear the split-leg shorts that allow for more leg movement but they are not required.

Make sure the shorts have a small pocket for storing securely identification and keys. Make sure the clothing is wick sweat so the body can breathe and remain cool.

Running for beginners tip is to decide the location or route you want to run. Use roads that are asphalt instead of harder concrete. Wear reflective clothing if running at night or darker times of the day.

Map out the course and leave a copy where family or friends can locate it if you take too long on your run specially if you are running for beginners.

Begin the training by walking at a brisk pace for ten minutes. After that time, run for thirty seconds to raise your heart rate. Return to one minute of walking.

Do this process for three days a week. Increase the duration of running and walking the following week, this is the tip for running for beginners. Make sure you can breathe comfortably before increasing your time running.

Build up to running by the fourth week for 20 or 30 minutes. During the first three weeks, concentrate on time not intensity. That begins on the fourth week when you begin to pick up your pace.

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