Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a very popular movie, and introduced some phenomenal characters to the entertainment industry; of those phenomenal characters were 7 dwarfs. These dwarfs were so popular that they were featured in a plethora of Halloween costumes; however, these costumes are not very well known to the public. As a result of that, many people are on the lookout for easy seven dwarf costume ideas to use on Halloween.

This article does not feature hundreds of different costume ideas that are related to the seven character in this Disney movie; however, it does list and describe a few easy seven dwarf costume ideas. These ideas involve coordinating with six other friends and creating your own dwarf costume using a variety of accessories.

Dressing Up With Six Friends To Go Out For Halloween As The Seven Dwarfs

A group of members coordinating their costumes is one of the coolest things to see when you are at a Halloween party or simply trick or treating around the neighbourhood. As is implied in the name, there are seven dwarfs in Disney’s Snow White movie. One of the easy seven dwarf costume ideas is to have 7 people (yourself and six friends) go to the local Halloween store and buy each of the seven dwarf Halloween costumes. Although it is implied I will state it anyways, each person should be dressing up as a different dwarf for Halloween; there is no need to have two bashful dwarfs, but be missing the sleepy dwarf!

For an added effect, I would recommend having an eight person dress up in a Snow White Halloween costume. By doing this, you will be truly bringing the values and elegance of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie to the Halloween party that you are going to by wearing all of the Disney characters’ costumes from the movie. This scenario is considered as being one of the easy seven dwarf costume ideas because it simply involves coordinating a trip to the Halloween costume store, and purchasing one inexpensive costume each.

Looking For Some Easy Seven Dwarf Costume Ideas? Try Wearing Different Colored Dwarf Hats And Baggy Clothes

Although each of the seven dwarf costumes are rather inexpensive, you will still end up paying at least $40 for them when you incorporate taxes and the gas that it takes toAdult Dwarf Costume HatsCredit: get to the Halloween costume store. There some DIY seven dwarf costume ideas that are easy to execute; the DIY Halloween costumes are not as recognizable as the store-bought ones, but they will definitely cost you much less.

All that is required to create a do it yourself dwarf costume are some baggy clothes and a colored hat. The baggy clothes must be too long for your body, and should be rolled up at least a few times at the ends of the sleeves and pants. In addition, you should be wearing a dwarf-like hat (like the one that is shown on the right). Each of the seven dwarfs in Disney`s Snow White movie are wearing baggy clothes, and a different colored hat. Moreover, both of these items are required to truly replicate the look of each of the seven dwarfs in the Halloween costume that you are creating yourself. When it`s all said and done, this DIY dwarf Halloween costume will cost you less than $15!

Going Out Alone? Dress Up As Your Favourite Dwarf-Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Or Grumpy

Although one of the first paragraphs in this article suggests going out for Halloween wiGrumpy From The Seven Dwarfs HatCredit: Amazon.comth a group of 6 or 7 friends, finding friends to dress up in seven dwarf and Snow White costumes with you might be a challenging task. With that being said, it is not exactly an easy idea to execute unless you have a few friends with open minds about their Halloween costumes.

A much easier seven dwarf costume idea would be to dress up as one of the dwarfs by yourself! I would definitely deem this as being an easy seven dwarf costume idea because everything revolves around your own schedule, decisions, and costume ideas! In the event of you dressing up as one of the seven dwarfs alone, I would highly recommend choosing a dwarf based on one of two things. You can choose a Halloween costume based on which of the seven dwarfs that you like the best, or which of the dwarf costumes is easier to acquire! I would try to answer each of these questions, and then choose your Disney character Halloween costume based on the answers to your questions.

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Most Of The Seven Dwarfs Costumes Involve An Accessory

I happened to take the time to review a bit of Disney`s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie, and had noticed that almost all of the dwarfs have an accessory that distinguishes them from each other. Using an accessory is something that you should consider when you are looking for easy seven dwarf costume ideas to utilize on Halloween because it solely involves wearing or holding an object. Utilizing that object will allow all of the true Snow White fans to recognize you as dressing up in one of the seven dwarfs` costumes for Halloween.

-Grumpy Uses A Hammer

Grump is not the happiest dwarf in the movie and seems to Thor Hammer For A Halloween CostumeCredit: Amazon.comcarry around a mallet everywhere that he goes. In addition, Grumpy wears a red shirt and brown hat.

-Doc HasFake Santa Glasses For A CostumeCredit: Glasses

Doc seems to be one of the smartest dwarfs in the Snow White movie; moreover, this would be one of the extremely easy seven dwarf costume ideas to pull off for individuals that are very scholarly. Doc can be seen wearing glasses, an orange shirt, and a yellow hat.Toy Trumpet For A CostumeCredit:

-Happy Has A Trumpet

As is implied by this dwarf`s name, Happy is a very upbeat dwarf in the Disney movie. Happy wears an orange shirt, brown vest, and yellow hat.

-Bashful Has FlowersArtificial Bouquet Of White DaisiesCredit:

Bashful is by far my favourite dwarf in the entire cast of the movie because of his modest smile. With that being said, I would find it easy to dress up in Bashful`s dwarf costume because it also suits my personality! He is wearing a yellow shirt and green hat throughout the movie.

-Sleepy Has A PillowWhite Fluffy Featherless PillowCredit:

I am sure that you can guess what Sleepy is doing throughout the movie...sleeping! One would obviously assume that this dwarf is carrying around a pillow. Out of the seven dwarfs that you will encounter, Sleepy`s Halloween costume is the only one that incorporates a light brown shirt along with a green hat!