There are countless fad diets, exercise products and advices out there that promise to bring you results; but without the foundational basics to achieving those much desired washboard abs you see on the television or the magazines, most likely these stuffs would not actually work for you.

So in order to get it right at the beginning, you must know the basics to having those slim and trimmed middle portions.

It is a given that any six pack abs workout routine should be accompanied by the right diet, enough rest and the right attitude for it to be a success.

With this in mind, you also need to remember that these exercises that abdominal workouts are not just your basic crunches, but also involves performing other exercise routines. These routines include cardiovascular workouts and strength training.

Cardiovascular exercises may be performed in a number of ways. You can do the ordinary aerobic routines, perform dance routines, do yoga or pilates, play sports or even simply stepping on the treadmill or the stepper in the gym.

Do this as a part of your six pack abs workout routine regularly for about 30 minutes each day. By regularly doing these exercises, you have a much bigger chance to burn off the fats and calories at a faster rate. Why?

This is because cardiovascular workouts increase the oxygen supply into your blood stream and would eventually increase your metabolic rate which will definitely help in burning those fats.

Strength and resistance training, on the other hand, should be part of any six pack abs workout routine because they are the ones that sculpt the muscles.

It is also important that you give emphasis to the abs when performing these exercises. Some of the abs-specific exercise plans include the following:

1. Basic Crunches – Lie on the floor with your back resting firmly and your legs raised off of the floor. Place your hands across your chest and start lifting half of your upper torso off the ground. Contract the abdominal muscles as you push up and go down.

2. Sit-ups – Your starting position is just like your basic crunches. Only this time the whole of your upper body would go up and down contracting the abdominal muscles even more.

3. Crunch Twist – This is a basic crunch combined with some twisting motions to the right and to your left as you go up to work out the obliques.

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