If you think that you do not have time in the morning to do a proper skin care routine, you are making a mistake. This mistake is costing you the beautiful flawless looking youthful skin that you could have if you took care of it properly. Contrary to what many believe, this is really not rocket science. You do not need to have a PHD to be able to take care of yourself and to look great. What you need is a few simple tips that can make all of the difference.

Face Wash

The quickest and best face wash to use for your skin care routine is going to be a foaming one. There are lotion that you can put on and tissue off, but overall they are more work then they are worth. A dime size amount of the product in your hand and massaging the resulting foam in a circular pattern is all that you need to do. It is really less then 2 minutes of your time in the morning. A quick splash of water over your face and you are ready to move on to your next speedy step.

Eye Creams

One of the most neglected areas of the face when it comes to a skin care routine is the area around the eyes. This is a shame. This is some of the most delicate skin on your entire body. It is often the first place where the signs of aging start to appear. It is really where you need to dedicate a minute or two each morning to. A couple quick dabs of the eye cream on the cheekbone under each eye is all that you need. Too much product will just work its way into the eye and cause irritation. Pat the cream into the skin with your middle finger. That is all that there is to looking younger in minutes.


Not matter what type of skin that you have, you need to have a great moisturizer in your skin care routine. It is really that important. Proper hydration can help you to look younger, eliminate breakouts, and even make you look healthier. If you choose a moisturizer with an SPF in it, you will be protecting your skin from the sun and having proper hydration all in one step.

Those three steps are all that you need for an easy skin care routine that can have you out the door in a couple of minutes. There is no longer any excuses for not properly taking care of your skin.