When it comes down to learning a new sport, no matter what sport that is, a beginner only sees what is on the surface. What I mean by that is that he or she can only see the main motor movements and not necessarily the fine motor movements that truly make the sport unique.

For example when you look at snowboarding, the gross motor movements would be things such as keeping yourself up on the board, sliding on the snow and riding down the mountain. To many, that seems to be all there is to snowboarding.

What the beginner does not notices are the fine motor movements like the position of the head and spine and keeping balance while in motion. So the big mistake a beginner makes is to have that 'Ya, I got it' type of attitude.

This type of thinking usually plays against you in the whole learning process and sooner or later is much more likely to end up in an ambulance with a few broken bones.

When it comes to successfully landing some snowboarding tricks, it is probably best to avoid it all together when you are still a beginner. Sure, snowboarding tricks sure look easy to do when you got an advanced snowboarder out there doing it, but that person has had a lot of experience and probably a few falls in his past as well.

You put yourself at serious risk for injury if you try and perform some snowboarding tricks that are beyond your skill level. Trying to do an advanced snowboarding trick when you haven't even mastered the basics is never a good idea.

Many readers have asked, "What if I already have mastered all the basics?"

If that is the case there are many different snowboarding tricks you can attempt. Many of them are actually closely related to our cousin sport, skateboarding. (Remember snowboarding was born by meshing skateboarding with surfing.)

Snowboarding and skateboarding even have the same types of ramps. You got the half pipe, full pipe and verts. There are other types of snowboarding tricks that include short jumps, flips and even moguls, which are really just a series of very tight packed together bumps.

A wise word of advice is to make sure you have mastered the basics completely before trying to attempt any snowboarding tricks.

If you do not heed this advice make sure you have at least mastered the art of crawling to the nearest telephone to ask for him after you get injured trying advanced tricks too quickly.