Sprinkler systems offer a simple way to keep your lawn and garden adequately watered or get rid of excess herbicides and fertilizer. Systems can be designed to cover as large as needed and chances are at some point, sprinkler repair is something you will be looking for.

Very little maintenance is required for most systems but there will be a time when you will have the opportunity to save money and time if you have a basic understanding of sprinkler system repair techniques.

Sprinkler repairs and other lawn and garden troubles can be avoided if you schedule regular cleaning of the heads. Make sure that the water is turned off and clear any debris out of the holes with a thin wire. For stubborn clogs, unscrew the head and wash it with a solvent. If a chemical solution is used, you should clean the heads elsewhere so as not to spill it on the lawn. You must also remember to wash the heads before putting them back in place. The grass is in danger of being damaged if the cleaner you use is toxic.

You will need to replace any head that refuses to come clean. Your options are to order the part directly from the manufacturer online or look for a replacement at a hardware store near you. Sometimes heads are interchangeable, so always check to see if there is a head that will fit your system that may be cheaper.

Keep your sprinkler system in good working order by flushing the pipes once a year. Check with the manufacturer for specific instructions on how to do this and for a recommendation on which cleaner to use. Give the representative as much information about your lawn and watering habits for the best advice.

Systems need to be tested annually and while this is quite easy to do, you can expect to get wet doing it. Turn the water on and take a walk along the entire line. Pay close attention to each head and inspect for clogs or weaknesses. Make a diagram of the location of each head and which part of the lawn it waters to make this process easier and more informative. If you should have a problem with the system, the diagram will help identify the affected area. A professional repairman will charge an hourly fee for services. If you can save the repairman time, you will also save yourself money.

Taking care of routine maintenance is the best way to avoid having to pay costly lawn sprinkler repair bills in the future.