If you are a type of person who is very organized or at least wanting to be one, and moving to a new house is one event listed on your calendar, you should try these tips for you to have a convenient and hassle-free moving experience. Get organized with these tips when packing your things and moving to your new home.

1. List

This is probable the most basic thing you could do if you want to be as organized as possible. It is a general idea to let you see on your hands what to do, when to start, what things are needed to be done and what are those that are left undone. Make a list of all the things you need to take with you using your pen and paper or your computer for reference. Start from the most essential ones. Label your boxes accordingly with the things that you are going to fill it up with. To sort out effectively, label the boxes with the parts of the house in which it would be put to such as the kitchen, bedroom, and so on. This easy step would provide you a quick look of the things you already finished packing and those still left undone.

2. Schedule

Provide appropriate time frame for your packing needs. Make an estimation of your available time in each day for packing your things. Assign certain task within your time frame to keep track of your activities.

3. Resources

What is the use of your packing ideas and strategies if you do not have enough supplies. Be ready with lots of boxes and pick those that are durable. You would probable need packaging tapes and marking pens to label your boxes. Recycle when wrapping your vases, plates and other fragile items. Some also find it convenient to use bubble wraps to protect their things. Moving companies provide boxes of all sizes and bubble wraps for your needs.

4. Labels and Colors

This is fun and organized at the same time. I've already mentioned about the convenience of labeling your boxes, now color- coordinating them would add more convenience on your part. For example, your yellow boxes are for your kitchen; the green boxes are for your bedroom, etc. This would also be easier for you when you would move the boxes on different parts of your new home. No need to peek into the boxes to check which ones will go where. Stickers and pieces of colored papers can be use to put some color on your boxes, just to let you know its specification.

5. Contacts and Transportation

Research and look for Moving Services either from your contacts such as your friends, co- workers or professional Moving companies. Start with an easy search in the internet and look within your vicinity like the New Jersey Movers and Brooklyn Movers. Transact whatever is needed by the company. Provide important details and specifications such as your other needs for extra supplies. Most of this services can deliver boxes ahead of time.

Packing your things is like packing your life for a new home. You should have a fresh start if you plan things ahead of time. Good luck with your moving experience and your new home, these simple and easy steps would help you create a better start.