Having a flood in your home on your carpet is no picnic. Most people believe you have to throw the carpet out and spend hundreds on new carpet. However this is not the case always. Here are tips you can use to clean the carpet you already have.

If your carpeting has been damaged by water, it is good news to say that you do not have to automatically throw it out. If the water damage extent is not too much and if you can clean your water damaged carpet, then you can save money and prevent further damage in the room by salvaging your carpet. This can be done either with carpets that have been water damaged due to floods, burst pipes or even rainwater leaks. If, however, the damage has been caused by dirty sewage water, it is wise to consider throwing the old carpet out and getting a new one in order to avoid disease-causing microorganisms that might have already thrived in the carpet material.

If the carpet can still be salvaged and simply needs to be cleaned, then you can do some easy cleaning and drying so you can once again use it. Here are some easy steps to clean and dry carpets that have been water damaged…

The first step is to first remove the water damaged carpet from the floor. You need to do this since your main purpose is to clean not just the caret but also the area underneath it. Once the carpet is removed, evaluate the damage. If cleaning and stain removal is possible, then you can shampoo your carpet to remove dirt and stains. The floor should be left to dry in open air but can also be scrubbed, soaped and rinsed beforehand.

The water damaged carpet should be hosed off with water to remove any sticking debris. It can then be shampooed and rinsed using rug shampoo (or any diluted cleaning agent) and water. Keep in mind that you have to rinse it more than once to ensure in-depth cleanliness. Once the carpet is clean, you need to dry it off either with the help of the sun or the open air outdoors. Lay down the carpet flat outdoors so the sun's heat can dry it. This step can take hours so you must set aside time for this and not hurry sun or air drying. If there is no way to bring the carpet outdoors, be sure to let the carpet air dry well by turning on strong electric fans and by opening windows and doors of the room. Also, it would help if you turn on dehumidifiers to help in the room's air circulation and to lessen the in-room humidity. Check the carpet from time to time; keeping in mind that the fibers as well as the base should be thoroughly dry before you finish.