Windows are an important part of any housing structure. This is because the windows do not only add aesthetic value to a house, they are also important because they can help someone reduce living costs when they are strategically placed and add natural lighting to a home.

If you are looking to replace some old windows in your home, you need to be aware that getting the right size is paramount.  The reason for this is that if they are too small, you will have a lot of problems trying to fit them in the panes, on the other hand if you order windows that are too big, you will not be able to use the windows at all. So getting the correct measurements when looking to install new windows is a must.

Measuring window sizes can be quite hard, especially if you have never done it before. However, by following these steps you will be able to get the right measurements and replace your windows within no time at all. But to start with, you always need to give the dimensions of the windows in terms of width, and height. Basically, the width of the frame needs to be given before the length.

To start with, if you have old windows made of wood and you need to replace them with new windows you should first of all measure the width to begin with, and then the length. The width should be measured in three steps. First, measure the top, the corner on the top right to the corner on the top left. Then, the bottom should also be measured in the same way. Lastly, at midway point where the window locks, is another place you should measure the width. In order to get really accurate measurements, you need to measure the outer edges of the frame, or ideally brick to brick. Since the three measurements may not be the same, you may need to remove 10 millimeters from the smallest measurement for clearance and sealing, and this will be your width. 

The height is not quite as easy, and measuring it will be based on whether a windowsill is present or not. If there is a sill, you need to measure from the top of the frame to the bottom of the sill. In the same way, you need to take three measurements, on the right, in the middle, and on the left. You should also deduct 10 millimeters from the smallest measurements and you will have gotten a measurement to be used when buying new windows.

However, making other window measurements is usually not as straightforward as measuring flat windows. For example, when measuring uPVC windows, the thickness of the existing units to be measured should also be included with the measurements of the width and height. The reason for this is that the thickness should be the same, or the new window will not fit at all.

Therefore, if you are looking to install some new windows in your home, then following these steps will help you get the right measurements fast.