Many self-published authors have reached fame and success without the use of agents or traditional publishing companies. Websites like PubIt, Amazon, and Nook Press give writers a free outlet to publishing their work, and they appear on well-known sites such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. Unfortunately, what they don't tell you about this process is that it takes a lot of work to actually promote your e-book once it is published. It may be available on the site, but not every Joe Schmoe that browses e-books is going to want to buy your book because they have no idea who you are. With some of these helpful tips, you can establish a name for yourself and be one step closed to promoting your e-book. 


First and foremost, you probably have a Facebook account. You need to create a page for yourself as an established author and for your book. This will help people discover you through social media and learn more about you as a writer. Once you have added all of your friends to the page, Facebook even gives you the option to "Promote Your Page" for a small cost. If you are interested in pursuing that, I recommend it. You may also create an ad on Facebook to promote your novel. 


Another social media networking site, Twitter is the best place to let people know about what you are writing. If you have not created an account or wish to create a separate account for your writing, I strongly suggest you do so. Make a plan to provide status updates to readers. This will help build a fan base and a community of people interested in what you are for and what you hope to accomplish. Provide a link to your book's product page so that people can view and possibly purchase it in the future. 


Every established author nowadays has some type of blog. It's pretty easy because you can create a unique Blogspot through Google Plus now. Resign yourself to updating this blog every once in a while. Don't get sucked into spending too much time on it unless you want to be a full time blogger. The purpose of this is, again, to build up some fans and create a interest base for your novel. It will take some time to devote into this, but it will be worth it when you make new connections with others. 

Promotional Ideas

If you have published your e-book through a free press publishing site, think about trying to make the first couple of pages of your e-book free. This will give people the chance to preview your work and figure out whether or not they want to buy it. Most people are not just going to buy a book they have never heard of without previewing some of it first. Make sure that you have this option before you publish your novel, you don't want to make the mistake of not having this in your promotional toolbox later on down the line.


If you want to build a fan base, putting your book up on sale for a decent price or even for free is an option that you can consider. Make sure it is only this way "for a limited time". This will pressure many interested onlookers to try it out and if they really like it, chances are they will tell some of their friends about it too.


Many self-published authors say that getting people to review their e-book has had a positive impact on their sales. Do some research about some websites that provide this option and try to get some positive reviews about your novel. These are like your credentials and people want to hear about it. Once you have some good reviews, post them to your blog and to your book's product page to help promote your project. 

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Video Chatting

Many readers like to feel that they can relate to the author they are reading. Most people want to put a face to the name. Think about creating a YouTube channel or conducting an online seminar where people can ask you questions about your writing. Think about doing selected readings from what you have written and posting it online for people to see. 


There are many things that you can do starting now to help promote your book. These are the first steps to a lot of promoting that you may do in the future. With these starting points, you should be able to gain some interested readers and hopefully help market your book. Remember, it is going to take a lot of time and energy to do this. Don't expect for sales to happen overnight. Know, however, that every little bit you are doing now will bring you closer to reaching your goals. Don't give up on it, and remember, as a self-published author, you are the one that gets to create your own success. There is nothing like that feeling that you are in control of your own destiny, and that is why many people choose to self-publish in the first place. Don't let others discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Make them happen now!