The best stuffers of those that would help you follow the stocking and are also useful for the recipient. Some of the best stocking stuffers are those that are not too expensive.

Gift cards: A gift card is a good stocking stuffer because it allows the recipient to choose something that they would like to buy at a later date.  As a stocking stuffer, it may be best to buy a generic gift card in a low denomination.  

Makeup: If you are stuffing a stocking for a young lady it may be a good idea to place makeup in the stocking.  Some great options are mascara, lip liner, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, or eyeliner. You could also consider getting makeup brushes or other accessories.

Candy: You can put candy bars or individual pieces of candy into the stocking.  During Christmas, candy canes and peppermint sticks are popular. 

Magazines: This is a great idea.  You could give the person individual issue or a subscription.  You can save money by getting magazines for cheap

Small electronic devices: The best thing about these devices is that they are always appreciated and you can select one that fits your budget. Some suggestions are an iPod shuffle, iPod touch, or any other MP3 device.

Movies: The most popular movies are often on sale during the holiday season. Take advantage of the sales and get a couple movies for the price of one.

Stationery: People often run out of certain items that they need to mail letters. You could buy envelopes, thank you notes, or even stamps as a creative stocking stuffer.

Office supplies: This is a great time to replinish those office supplies. You can buy pens, pencils, paper, posted notes, cute paperclips, or decorative stickers.

Computer accessories: Some popular accessories that you could buy include headphones, speakers for a laptop or computer, a USB drive, computer software, a mouse, or a WebCam.

Jewelry: There are great holiday sales that will allow you to get great prices on jewelry during the holidays. Some good ideas for cheaper alternatives include earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Books: Books are a great gift.  You can get a classic or a new book.  You could also get the recipient a book from their favorite author.

Chapstick: Chapstick is useful for everyone and is rather cheap. During the holiday season you can usually get a high end chapstick such as Burt Bees at a relatively low price. Companies will also give out coupons for these items.

Gag gifts: If your recipient has a sense of humor a gag gift can be a great stocking stuffer. You can go the typical route and get something like a whoopee cushion or a buzzer. However you can also get creative and give something that plays on the recipient's personality (for instance, for the guy that always loses his remote control, you could get him a jumbo remote).

The most important thing  to remember when getting stocking stuffers is not to stress. These suggestions will help you give some great stocking stuffers without any of the stress.