Many people like having a shed in their garden to accommodate some of their larger belongings. This a simple way to store them and by keeping them outdoors you can create a little more space in your home that can be used for other purposes. Sheds come in various styles and materials and if you are looking for some good quality storage units then Rubbermaid has a decent selection from which to choose.

Outdoor equipment such as bikes, scooters and gardening tools can easily get dirty when used, especially when it has been raining. Taking these into your home can create a mess on carpets and floors. Storing them outdoors is therefore a much more hygienic option and a Rubbermaid shed can easily accommodate this type of equipment.

Rubbermaid is a company with a good reputation for producing quality products. The sheds they manufacture come in a range of sizes such that however big or small your garden is there will be a Rubbermaid storage unit that can easily be accommodated. This combination of quality and product variety makes them a good company to check out when looking for a shed.

The simplest storage unit that Rubbermaid have to offer is the Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed. It is essentially a large storage box with a capacity of some 18 cubic feet. This can easily be placed in a garden or patio. It provides a simple place to store a range of smaller items from the home and garden and can be useful to have available.

Roughneck x-small Rubbermaid sheds have a capacity of 17 cubic feet and these are tall, slim units which are good for storing upright items. It can be useful for storing gardening tools such as rakes and hoe's which have longer handles. Smaller lawn mowers and hedge trimmers will also easily fit in it. If you are looking for a unit to specifically store your gardening tools this can be a good one to choose.

The Rubbermaid small garden shed is of a size that can easily accommodate a few larger items. Kids bikes, garden toys and gardening tools are an example of a few that should be easily fitted inside. Using some of the organizers designed for Rubbermaid storage closets can also help to make this a suitable place for storing items such as work tools and other household items.

Rubbermaid produce a variety of larger walk in sheds which vary in size from 106 cubic feet to in excess of 450 cubic feet. These are capable of being used as storage spaces or a work place if needed. The largest of these is known as the big max ultra and is almost a home from home in your garden. If you have a large garden and like to spend time in it this can be an ideal shed to install.

The assembly of a Rubbermaid shed is a reasonably easy task and once erected they should offer years of maintenance free use. The hard, durable plastic is weather resistant and leak resistant and will safely store the items inside. The sheds are also lockable which can be important from a security point of view. The cost will depend on the unit you select. The smaller sheds cost around $200 and this can increase to almost $900 for the larger sheds available.