Do you wonder why there is so much stress out there today? Doesn't seem like our parents didn't suffer from this affliction?

It seems that just about everything will cause us stress these days. Most of us are in great need of some good stress relievers.

It seems that just our daily pace of our lives leaves us winded. Most all of us have to put up with traffic, commute to work, pets, jobs, etc. and that is just for starters.

There is no wonder why depression, anxiety and stress are so common now then in the day of our parents.

Wouldn't it be great to go through your life being able to deal with everything without being stressed out and anxious?

When hard times come your way, you could deal with it all in a serene, calm way without throwing fits. This would be wonderful.

Stress, when left to find for itself, is like leaving a child home alone, it can cause mayhem to your relationships and health and worse yet, if you leave it untreated it will turn into anxiety and depression. You need to take care of it with some good stress relievers.

It seems like life keeps throwing us new challenges from all different directions. Can you really deal with everything in a peaceful and cheerful way and then continue on with life? Maybe that is just in the movies.

I am happy to tell you that you really can be joyful all the time. Life is still going to slap you around but when it happens you're going to know how to handle it and this is the major key.

When you get depressed or stressed, your defenses are going to be low, so it will be harder to cope with hard times let along handling something minor like spilled milk.

Here are some great stress relievers that you can do every day and they will greatly help you to de-stress fairly quickly.

1. Meditation - very beneficial
2. Deep Breathing
3. Gentle Exercise - swimming, walking, etc.
4. Quiet, alone time - reading, listening to music, chilling out, etc.
5. Good belly laugh - find something funny and watch it till you cry laughing
6. Listen to good music - play your favorites that are uplifting to lift your mood