Whether you are a student in high school applying for an after-school job or a college graduate getting ready to head out into the business world, learning how to create a good student resume sample is important.

If you can create a professional resume sample to use as a template later, then it will make building a resume easier in the future.

It takes a few tries to get the resume looking the way you want it to. Knowing exactly what type of job you are applying for will help you to create the perfect resume.

You can customize the format and make it intriguing to whomever will be reviewing it. The better you can retain the employer's attention to your resume, the more likely you will be to get the job.

Setting up your basic resume consists of certain information. The first portion of the resume needs to include all the necessary information an employer would need to contact you with questions or to mail important documents to you.

The objective of the resume is listed next. This should be one or two sentences that tell what you hope to obtain from this job you are applying for and why you are the perfect candidate for it.

An objective is an optional point to put into a resume, but it can be a great deal closer. The next part of the resume should include any qualifications or career highlights that pertain to the position you are seeking.

Be sure to list out your past work experiences in as much detail as possible. Bullet point the responsibilities you had at each job and write down any achievements you had there as well.

After this section, there needs to be a compilation of all the education you've completed. Make a list of all colleges, any degrees that were completed, awards given, and even honors bestowed upon you.

At the very end of your student resume sample you can list any skills you have that are relevant to the position you're applying for.

The final piece needed to make this resume complete is a page with at least three references listed on it. From this basic format, you can alter it for any job you are applying for.