Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without the sides. Though the main course (Turkey) is often what most associate with this holiday feast, it is the side dishes that help bring it all together and make it a meal worth remembering.


Some families have traditional recipes that they like to include but for those who don't here are some easy Thanksgiving side dishes, recipes for most of these can be found in just about any cookbook or in abundance on many websites across the internet. Another great thing about these is that these Thanksgiving side dishes ideas are very budget friendly. (Don't forget to ask your mom or Grandma for those famous family recipes first, before seeking out a recipe book.)


What Qualifies as an Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish 

Easy is well... easy! When it comes to side dishes or any recipe, for that matter,  all it takes to qualify as simple is one or a combination of the following: few ingredients, minimal preparation required, short cooking times.


Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean CasseroleCredit: morguefile

A classic side dish in many households green bean casserole is a simple and tasty side dish idea you can display on your table this year. Most recipes call for 3 or 4 simple ingredients but others can be found offering a wide range of suggested additions for this easy Thanksgiving side dish. 


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Mashed PotatosCredit: morguefile

Mashed potatoes with or without gravy (some prefer to use  just butter)  is a common dish at many dinner tables regardless of the time of year. For Thanksgiving, it is just as common and makes for a filling addition to your main course. This is a must have for many and hard to go wrong when included in your thanksgiving menu.



Thanksgiving StuffingCredit: morguefile

From a box, from scratch and in the bird or in a pan - prepared stuffing is a great side dish option to offer up to family and guests. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different recipes for stuffing and suggestions on extra things to add for a more appealing look and flavor. When deciding on the one you want to cook up keep in mind preparation time as well as ingredients that you have available.



Corn side dishCredit: morguefile

Corn, green beans, sweet potato's, peas or ...? Whatever type of vegetable you prefer or have on hand can be used as a simple side dish to accompany this holiday meal. Many will choose to have an assortment of vegetable side dishes displayed to allow guests more options. Sweet potatoes, corn and green beans seem to be some of the most popular choices (especially in our home). 



Bread Rolls for ThanksgivingCredit: morguefile

Sweet or classic rolls are a must on the menu. Rolls are not only a tasty side to offer they are also often enjoyed as a means of scraping the last bits of gravy or other juices from the Thanksgiving dinner plate. 


Shopping list(66405)Helpful Hints 

Plan Ahead

 Create your Thanksgiving Day menu ahead of time. This will help make planning, shopping for and preparing your meal much easier. 

Try the Recipe First 

If you are planning on a new recipe to serve up this Thanksgiving make the recipe once before hand to make sure you won't be disappointed come turkey day.