While not everyone appreciates brightly lit bathrooms, there are ways to improve bathroom lighting without turning your bathroom into the most glaringly bright room in the house. One of the simplest ways to improve your lighting is to install modern bathroom light fixtures that produce optimum light. Another way is to re-evaluate your current fixtures to see if any improvements can be made. Don't forget that there comes a point when you're not improving anything. After you get it to a point that you like, stop. If you keep going you're just making it different, not better.

Believe it or not, one very simple, yet sometimes overlooked, way to improve bathroom lighting is to clean your current light fixtures. It is amazing how a dusty or soiled fixture can limit the amount of light that is allowed through. Really dirty light fixtures can also be hazardous. Light bulbs get very hot, and there's a chance that it could ignite a decade's worth of dust bunnies.

The most important area where you need strong lighting is around the vanity unit, and the best location for this lighting is on either side of the mirror, or directly above the mirror. If possible, opt for incandescent or halogen light fittings, and look for bulbs that give off light that closely resembles natural sunlight. A great tip when it comes to lighting around the vanity unit area is to provide more light there than you think you will need and install dimmers. This will ensure that you have all the light you need, but you will be able to adjust it to the level that you desire.

Recessed lighting works very well for the shower area, where a softer light is preferable and in fact, it is great for the entire bathroom providing that you have good lighting over your vanity unit. You can also create an illusion of brightness by shining spotlight lighting onto white bathroom walls. These spotlights do not have to be very strong to give off a good reflective light.

Other things you can do to improve your bathroom lighting, aside from adding modern bathroom fixtures, are things such as maximizing the use of natural light coming through the window. For example, you can take down curtains and place frost paper on your windows.