Houseplants can be found in almost every home you visit. Yet, there are those who claim to not have a "green thumb" and seem to kill just about every plant they try to grow. Not all plants are easy to maintain and some even require a lot of love and tenderness to keep them from withering up in front of your eyes. Here are a few houseplants that are so easy to grow that it's nearly impossible to kill them.

Airplane Plants Airplane Plant
Also known as the Spider Plant, these cascading plants almost defy death. They can go days on end without being watered and need little in the way of plant food. A sign that they're doing well is in the amount of runners they produce. Runners are the beginnings of baby plants that can be cut from the host plant and grown separately. One thing to keep in mind with Airplane Plants is that when transplanting, you may notice large white nodules within the roots. These need to be cut away from the plant as they retain water and may end up being the one thing that does kill it.

Philodendrons Split Leaf Philodendron
There are several species of this type of houseplant, and most are very easy to grow. It's important to keep them watered at least once a week or so, and they'll grow without a problem. Some species can go even longer without water and most don't need any type of specialized food. You can tell if your Philodendron needs watered by watching the leaves. If you notice that the leaves are beginning to curl in on themselves, the need watered. If you notice yellow spots on your Philodendron, it's getting too much sun and splotchy leaves means it isn't getting enough sun. One thing to keep in mind is that Philodendrons are very poisonous and should be kept in a location where small children and animals can't get to it.

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera
Also known as the Burn Plant, the Aloe Vera is one of the easiest of all plants to grow. A member of the succulent family, this plant has leaves that are plump and feel as though they are full of fluid. In fact, the inside of the Aloe Vera leaf is what's used in most burn medications and in some hand and body lotions. When this plant outgrows it's container, it will grow a large shoot from its middle that will become a single flowering shoot. Though it is very beautiful to look at, it also means that the plant needs to be repotted.

Cactus Cactus
Most species of cactus are very easy to grow. In fact, about the only way to do serious damage to a cactus is to over water them. Being a desert plant, they don't need a lot of water to keep them alive. Different varieties will need different degrees of maintenance, but a good rule of thumb is to water your cacti about once a month, and just lightly moisten the soil around the plant. Some varieties will produce beautiful blossoms in the spring if kept in a well-lit window.

There are hundreds of different varieties of houseplant that just about anyone can grow. If you're the kind of person who seems to kill all your plants, try one or two of the above and see if you can't break your green thumb cycle.