Roses are a favorite among many gardeners. There is good reason for this because most people agree that they are a beautiful flowering plant that continues to produce flowers long after most plants have stopped. Many novice growers throw their hands up in frustration due to the fact that some types of roses require lots of attention in order to thrive.

The problem with many roses is that they are susceptible to a variety of diseases, they need to be pruned back and covered for the entire cold weather season, and they require constant attention.

If you count yourself among this category there is hope for you because not all species of roses are as finicky as the ones I have just described.

Here are some ideas to get you started in the world of rose gardening. These are called "easy to grow roses."

New Dawn Rose

This is a large, flowering variety of rose. With its pink flowers, this climbing rose is winter hardy, meaning that it requires no special attention if you live in a cold climate. The new dawn rose will climb to a height of 20 feet and will brighten any fence or trellis.

Zephirine Drouhin Rose

This climbing rose has huge pink flowers and grows to a height of 15 feet. This variety is winter hardy, easy to grow and best of all, its thornless.

Marmalade Skies Rose

These red colored roses grow on a small bush. The flowers on these bushes are a little small, but they bloom in big clusters, adding brilliant color to your yard. the flowers on this bush will bloom all season long.

Carefree Wonder Rose

This shrub-type rose is winter hardy and disease resistant. With bright to deep pink flowers that bloom all season long, this rose is a favorite among seasoned rose gardeners and novices alike. This shrub will grow to heights of four to five feet.

Bonica Rose

This shrub-rose grows to height of three feet and has very delicate pink colored flowers that cover the entire shrub for the entire growing season.

The easy to grow variety of roses is the perfect solution for the person who just plain doesn't have any time to tend to them, or the person who just doesn't have any luck with gardening. If you are anything like me, you have enough problems just trying to keep your grass alive. Easy to grow roses make me look like I know what I am doing.

Easy to grow roses do not require the endless hours of attention like the more traditional varieties of them do. This is good news for most people nowadays who just plain don't have time to plant these beautiful flowers in their yards. The moral of this story is you do not have to be afraid to plant some in your yard anymore. You too can have a beautiful yard because of easy to grow roses.

Wouldn't you like to have some roses like this in your yard?

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