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There are many great crafts and easy to sew crafts you can make from denim, fleece and brushed cotton (flannel). Here is one denim craft, that you are going to love for your sewing box, or as a travel emergency kit, for sewing on that button.

If you have not guessed yet, it is a denim sewing case. It is soft and is made using recycled denim and brushed cotton, or you can also use fleece, but I find the brushed cotton stops this from being too bulky when you fold your case.

Things You Will Need

Here is what you need to make a denim sewing case.

Two squares of recycled denim (from your old worn and soft jeans) measuring 7 x 7 inches. (you can make a cardboard template measuring 7 x 7 inches to trace out on your jeans with a fabric marker)

Two squares of brushed cotton in your choice of pattern measuring 7 x 7 inches also.

Sewing needle in your machine that is good for denim sewing (they are usually a bit tougher)

One belt loop off your old jeans

bits of Velcro (for closing)

A creative mind for the front of your denim needle case. You can decorate this with paints, or cut out the tiny little pocket in the front of some old jeans, and sew it to the front for bits and pieces. You can use needlepoint, cross stitch, beads, anything you can think of for these easy to sew crafts. You can make lots of these for gifts, and would make a great Mothers Day gift. Or Birthdays, or Christmas.

Step 1

needle holderkitty needle case


Take your two denim squares, and with right sides together, sew them using 1/2 inch seam allowance, and leave a gap big enough to turn your square inside out.

Once you have turned your square, now you are going to top stitch about 1/4 inch all around the square, making sure to catch the area that you used to turn it inside out.

You now have a square. Press.

Do the same with the brushed cotton squares. Top stitch it as well and press.

Now place your brushed cotton square on top of your denim square, and sew down the center. Like you are making into a book.

Then fold your denim needle case closed and press.

You can now put your sewing needles in the brushed cotton for safe keeping. You can sew a little pocket on the front for spare buttons, or anything else you may need.

Take the belt loop and sew it to the back of your sewing needle case, and then glue on a small pieces of Velcro on the sewing case and one piece on your belt loop, that way you can now close the denim case. But this part is optional.

This is really cute, and a great way to keep track of your sewing needles. If you like to sew crafts, for yourself, for gifts or to sell, thing like this do well. It is a great use for old jeans, and a few bits of cotton.

Denim can be used for all kinds of crafts, it is tough and durable, even when they have gone soft and worn as jeans for you to wear, they can carry on as denim crafts and useful items. As long as you use the denim needle in your sewing machine, you can sew crafts using thicker fabrics and denim. This is definitely a great way to recycle and reuse.

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