Looking for some easy travel tips before your next big vacation? Traveling is one of the greatest joys in life, but prepping for it is often littered with complexities that can take hours. The tips here have been assembled because of how easy they are to do. Before and during your journeys, put some of these into action. None take more than a few minutes of your time!

Use your smart phone for your airline boarding passes

It takes only a few seconds to download the app for the airline, and another few minutes to get your boarding passes sent digitally to the app and confirmed for scanning. The payoff: it can save you tons of time in line. You don't need to wait in line for a paper boarding pass.  Better yet, at the gate, airlines sometimes use their elite traveler entrances as their primary scanning stations, so you can at times miss that long line too. When you get to the gate, remember to ask an airline employee what is best to do if you are checking in via your smart phone.

Bring cookie sheets on your road trips to act as table tops while eating

There is nothing messier while traveling than trying to eat in a car, right? Crumbs and sauces just get everywhere while you are trying to balance all the food items. And if you have kids, it can be a real mess. Those cookie sheets that take seconds to pack solve this quite nicely.  They sit easily on a lap and offer a nice table-like experience. Yes, this is not a pretty tip, but from a functionality and simplicity standpoint, this one's an easy travel tips winner.

Consider getting an Amazon Kindle for space savings

If you are like many people, your carry-on or front-seat luggage is filled to the brim with books, media, and other things to entertain you during the travel time. That stuff adds up in both weight and price. Plus, when you have all of that media out, it can create quite a mess near your seat. A Kindle is a real cost-effective and easy solution. Your books (or even video with the Kindle Fire), can be stored on one tiny device, and it takes minutes to load it up. Plus, Amazon has built relationships with libraries, so you can get loaner books for your trip without the worry of trashing them, saving you some bucks!

Save all of your important documents and confirmation emails into Evernote

This is another tech tip, but well worth the couple of minutes it takes to set up an account (and it's free). Once it's set up, you can literally drag and drop any file (or send an email) right into the Evernote account. Then, from any smart phone (via app) or computer with a web browser, you can get access to those documents. This beats, hands down, printing out every last document and carrying a file along with you.

Pack for layering your clothing

Packing can be a major annoyance, taking a ton of time to get everything fitting into that one tiny suitcase. The space-eating culprit is often big, bulky sweaters and jackets. Instead of bringing those, pack thinner clothing that you can throw on top of one another dependent on the weather outside. This lighter clothing takes a lot less room, gives you a ton more fashion looks, and speeds up the packing process since you won't need to cram and jam your suitcase.

These easy travel tips can make your trip that much more enjoyable, and, well, easy. Again, none take more than a couple of minutes to do, but each can save you a ton of time and even some money too. Give them a shot when you next travel.