Wanna grab something to eat?


How about Applebee's?

Oh, no, I can't eat anything there...

Why not?

I'm vegan.

This is a typical conversation between me and my acquaintances, and even sometimes good friends. Reminding them that, no, I won't eat half of their chicken salad or split an extra cheese pizza (Not that I don't dreadfully miss cheese...) can, at times, be frustrating. However, it's fun to show and teaches others how we can evolve away from eating meat while still enjoying what we eat.

Being a vegan should be understood as an umbrella term. Simply, a vegan is someone who doesn't eat: meat, eggs, milk, cheese, whey, geletin...ect. At some point, and I learned this a few months after I was vegan, being vegan and eating vegan can be dramatically different, depending on who you ask. For example, there are vegans who will eat regular sugar. (Refined sugar is processed through bone char....animal bones X| ). Some vegans are extremely hardcore, straightedge and will stare you down if you dont' recycle, if you smoke, if you drink (Had a boss like that...ugh! ) And then....

Some "vegans" will eat
fish (pescetarian)
milk/cheese/yogurt (vegetarian or semi-vegetarian)
But! My favorite, are the "vegans" or "vegetarians" who will eat...meat.

ahCredit: google

Anyways! After being vegan, I've learned some quick cheats that are awesome for anyone!

Learn to cook. You don't have to be Chef Ramsey to satiate your appetite! OKAY, so the actually learning to cook might be overwhelming for those who suck at it. But, I sucked at it, and I still do, but I've learned to cook a few things that make my diet work. 

I like to work out, uh know, to keep my muscles huge...just kidding. I'm relatively tiny. But, I like to eat like I am the hulk and when I wake up I loveeeeeeeeeee to make smoothies for breakfast! Quick and easy, throw all the stuff into a blender and zap and bam! 

First, is a PB and Banana Smoothie. Does it sound delicious and easy to make? It is! I make these yummy treats before or after or workout or when I have to work all day and won't get to eat! It keeps you FULL and it is delectable! 1 banana, a scoop or two of PB, a little almond milk (eye-ball it for however thick/thin you want it!) and ta-da! I usually throw in a few ice cubes, too. You can also easily add: carrots, wheat germ, other berries and fruit! Due to the banana and PB, you can't really taste anything else so you can get all the nutrients you need and still make it taste fabulous!

One more smoothie: Berry Smoothie! I throw in blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries with some almond milk. I'm still playing around with this recipe to make it more interesting, but it is LESS CALORIES than the PB Banana one, so if I'm not working out I do this up.

Another easy cheesy recipe! I like to make this for a snack: toast with pesto spread and tomato slices! You could add so much this, but sometimes I like to keep it simple. For the pesto I use spinach, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Not a lot of work at all! 

This next sandwich is probably my favorite. It started off as an alternative to grilled cheese, but I hate vegan cheese! So here is my Alternative Cheeseless Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Pick any bread you want, but I like to do it up with some garlic bread! Next, any fo-meat that you, I've tried fake ham, but I really like fake chick'n strips! avocado and vegan mayo! Cook the fake meat a little, spread the mayo on one slice, and avocado on the other. Put it all together and BAM and really amazing, top-notch sandwich!

You don't always have to cook, though! I love to use Yelp to find vegan friendly restaurants! I've found amazing places that have vegan pizza, vegan desserts, even vegan tofu buffalo wings and they were AMAZING! 

Learn to shop! There are so many options for vegans at grocery stores now-a-days. Well, you won't have an aisle dedicated to vegan pizzas, but depending on where you live there may be small stores that sell organic and vegan foods. Grocery stores like Giant have an aisle that has vegan food and Wegmans is very vegan friendly! (I live in PA, and you would think you have to live in a big city to find vegan food, but no way!)

There are so many options for vegans! Don't let tantalising carnivores stop you on your way to delicious meals!