Easy Way to Carve a Turkey

Roast turkey


Step 1...
   To remove one leg, pull the drumstick away from the body and cut between the thigh and
the body. cut through the joint that connects the thighbone to the back. Repeat with the other leg.    To separate each thigh from the drumstick, cut through the joint that connects the thighto the drumstick.

Remove turkey leg

Step 2...
Remove the wings by cutting through the joints where the wing bones are attached to the back.
Carve the breast meat into thin slices.(The slices will still be attached to the bottom.)

Remove wings

Step 3...
Loosen the breast meat slices by making a cut hoizonontally into the breast. To serve the
remainder of the breast, cut smaller slices following the arc of the breast bone, on each
side of the turkey.

Slice turkey breast

Step 4...
If you want to slice the meat from the drumstick, hold the drumstick upright, the large end
down. Slice the meat parallel to the bone, working the knife under the tendons.
Rotate the leg as needed to get even slices

Slice meat from leg