Save Energy(113884)Credit: costs are a constant headache for virtually every business owner at any time, but especially now, when the price of fossil fuels is rising remorselessly. These costs are a particular problem for employers who have substantial office, factory or retail premises to maintain, or who own hotels or restaurants, and who have to consider the comfort and safety of both employees and customers. However, many business owners are unaware of the many ways in which they can cut down on the energy they use.

Too Generous With Heating

For a start, many employers, nervous of complaints from employees about being too cold, go to the other extreme and are far too generous with their heating. If you find your staff are bringing fans to work, or are wearing summer clothes at their desks in winter, you can assume you are overdoing it. In fact, just turning down the thermostat by a single degree will reduce your electricity bill by about 8 per cent. What is more, being too warm is actually bad for productivity -- staff are more alert and energetic in slightly cooler conditions.

Switch Them All Off

An excellent way of reducing your bills is to install smart meters, which keep you aware of how much energy you are using even when you have no need for it. However, even if you are not able to install smart meters, you can do a great deal to avoid wasting energy -- for instance with all appliances, ranging from huge machines to individual mobile phone devices. You may not realise how much energy they use up when they are simply plugged in, even when they are not being used. Just by ensuring at home time that everything is switched off or unplugged at the wall, you can make a dramatic difference. The situation is similar with lights, which are often overlooked as a source of energy wastage. Ensuring lights are switched off every night, except for security lights, and also changing to energy efficient light bulbs, will result in an appreciable reduction in bills.

Get The Right Advice

There are in fact a host of easy ways to save energy in your business. If you would like advice, contact a commercial electrician, who can help you with installing smart meters if appropriate, and can check out your premises to see where savings can be made. This will not only improve your bottom line, but will ensure you are more eco-friendly, and so help you to be appreciated by your customers too.