Everyone likes to have some extra money in their pockets, especially in today’s economy. Today, more and more businesses are being forced to downsize which means more and more people are finding themselves without jobs. For these people, especially, it is crucial that they find some ways to save some money.

Saving money can be a difficult thing to do, however there are several things you can do that are simple and easy that will save you a bunch of money. If you aren’t ready to go to a credit counseling service with your financial troubles then try out some of these money saving tips:


Stop eating Out: Going out to eat is expensive and it’s not healthy for you. Making more meals at home will save you money. Going out once or twice a week to a restaurant can add up quickly so use what you have at home and save yourself some money. Another thing to do is to bring your own lunch to work. “Brown-bagging” your lunch can really save you some money.

Make a grocery list: When you are going to the grocery store, you will save yourself some money if you make a list. If you get only what is on the list then you will avoid making those impulse purchases. Going to a store without a list makes it easier for you to just start throwing things into your cart. Do yourself a favor and make a list and see how much money you can save.

Buy generic products: It is foolish to spend your money on all brand-name products. Most generic products are just as good as name-brand products and they cost a whole lot less. I am not saying that you need to buy everything generic, but when it comes to cereals, soaps, canned foods, etc. most of the generic products match up very well with the name-brand products.


Use the Library: Don’t buy your books new, rather get yourself a library card and watch the savings add up. A public library card is free and you will generally have access to tons of book. Buying a new book can cost you quite a bit, so switch to the library and be amazed at your savings.

Brew your own coffee: Buying a Starbucks white chocolate mocha every day adds up very quickly. Rather make your own coffee at home and use pre-bought creamers to save yourself some money. You can buy a big thing of creamer for around the price you would pay for a single coffee at Starbucks, so you can see clearly how your savings will add up.

Walk or Ride Your Bike when possible: Taking cabs and paying for gas really put a dent in your pocketbook. If you can walk or bike to your destination than do it! There is no need for you to drive two blocks when you can walk that distance. Gas prices are ridiculous right now so take a little bit more time and walk to your destinations.



These things may not seem like big things to do, but they will save you money if you do them! Sometimes it’s the simplest actions that can save you the most money. If you are doing all these things and can’t seem to get a handle on your finances perhaps it would be beneficial for you to talk to a credit counselor. These counselors are trained to handle these situations and can help you create a budget so you can get a better grasp on your financial situation.