Tips and ways to make people like you

Do you want to be charismatic? Do you want people to like you wherever you are? Charisma is an intangible asset that can make people follow and respect you. We all know that charismatic persons have that uncanny ability to relate to different kinds of people and capture their imagination. Here are the different ways on how you can develop your own charisma.

Be confident

First of all, having a good perception of yourself can have a high impact on how other people also perceive you. This is the reason why the more you have self-confidence the more likely other people would also see it in you. Looking confident tells the people around you that you know what you are doing. Speak clearly and intelligently about the topics that you have in mind. Try to focus more on what the people around you think of themselves. This shows that you have the willingness to extend a helping hand.

Use gestures to convey a point

Try to practice having a good posture. The way a person carries himself tells a different story.  If people see you having slumped shoulders is not likeable from their point of view.  This could also mean that you are not enthusiastic about what you are doing.

Also, giving some carefully managed hand gestures can show the people around you that you mean every word that you say. Hand gestures can show that you are in sync in what your mind thinks. Also watch your tone. People won’t like you if you display too much hunching and mumbling.

Offer help to other people

Telling people that you want to help them can give them assurance that you think about them. Even just a casual saying, “If you need my help, just call me… I’ll be there,”  can move people’s hearts and make a big difference on how people feel about you. This is definitely a kind gesture that they  would remember for the rest of their lives.

Give compliment to other people

Say a lot of wonderful things about the people around you. Remember their names. Offering them a genuine smile would make them receptive to you. Smiling also makes them feel special. Give them some good  complimentary graciously.When people speak, give them your full attention. Nodding your head means that you are carefully listening to every word that they say. All these simple compliments gives them the idea that they are truly important. So get in the habit of praising other people while refusing to take part in any backstabbing talk. In this way, you will become more likeable and build more goodwill. By looking what is best for others, you also make people around build their confidence and trust in you.

Connect with  people

Do not try to talk about yourself too much.. If you focus more on the needs of the people around you than your own desires, you will develop the trust of the people around you more. This will also increase your self-confidence and allow you to contribute in any undertakings. Promoting other people’s interest rather than your own would also build bridges of communication and empathy with other people. If you are able to contribute more, you will also obtain the benefits of the reward that comes with personal success and recognition.

Practice charisma

Charisma can be practiced at home. You can use a mirror to practice how you talk as well as your gestures that accompany it.  Practice makes perfect. Like in any case, practicing regularly can help in improving your charisma. When you visit other people like your relatives or friends, this is also a great way to practice your charisma. This is an opportunity to show them what you have. Before you begin showing them your charisma, ask yourself what a charismatic person would do, and then try to imitate that.