Homeowners venture out to home improvement projects for a variety of reasons.  If the house is about to be  on the market for sale, absolutely a few improvements potentially help Call the Manthat sale along.  Other times  improvements make the house a better fit for current tastes of the owner and offer a more comfortable lifestyle.   No matter the reasoning behind doing a renovation, have a set plan.

First consider the multitude of projects crying out for home owner attention as potential improvement points.  List what improvements you would make if you could do everything. A list below outlines a few thoughts for the list.    Then, number the considerations in order of priority to you.  Make a budget for the dollars available for the project.  Sometimes it is better to do one or two things well and get those items to "dream status" than to try to do everything at once with less than stellar results.  The budget and the difficulty of the projects decide whether a homeowner might do the tasks or contract them out.

Painting:  One of the least expensive home improvements that pays off big time in appeal is painting. A fresh coat of paint inside and out provides a super home face-lift.  An interesting note on this one concerns doing the painting yourself or having a Paint that Houseprofessional painter complete th work.  Do a complete cost comparison and get a minimum of three bids.  Painters get paint at a discount.  If they purchase the paint for you and do not mark it up their labor costs become lower to the consumer due to the discount the buyer is receiving for that paint. 

Kitchen  remodeling:  If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen surely is the heart of the home. Realtor sponsored research says that the most important room to a majority of buyers is the kitchen. Upgraded countertops, appliances and flooring there can offset other drawbacks that a property might have.  Seeing the bigger picture of the finished remodel is difficult.  Head to a kitchen design center for someone who can listen to your desires and make that vision a reality.

Window replacement:  Energy efficiency is important as well as looks associated with windows.  Houses even fifteen years old tend to have older style windows.  Dollars can literally be escaping through older windows right along with the air. Double pane windows that have easy to clean features will pay for themselves in five years with energy costs saved.Kitchen Remodeling(71027)

Curb appeal: Television shows and home fashion magazines harp on this area which is an important one. Be certain of a well manicured yard.  Yard work is therapeutic to some and sheer drudgery to others.  Somehow, get a manicured lawn with weeded, neat flower beds.  New mulch and topsoil in those beds does wonders for outward appearances.  Outside decorations like a wreath on the door or pumpkins on the porch add to the appeal as long as they are tasteful and not overdone.  For a hint and examples, merely go to a bookstore at the beginning of every season and browse the home magazines.  Being a copy cat works here!

New Roof:  If for any reason your roof is not performing at full capabilities both in appearance and function, replace it with  a new one.  Particularly if you are considering the sale of your home, purchasers want to know that this all important part of the home is structurally sound. 

Bathroom renovation:  Right up there under the kitchen in importance toi purchasers lands the bathroom.  Little improvements such as replacing stained grout works wonders even though it is a minor improvement.  Natural stone countertops rule much as in the kitchen.  Wallpaper makes an interesting notation.  Most home redesigns in the last ten years included a plan to take out any wallpaper and replace with paint.  A bit of a surge is coming back on wallpaper, so research that one and again head for your perfect look that makes you happy.

Flooring:  Replace linoleum with tile, laminate, or wood.  Few renovations mimic carpet replacement as a "room changer."  The clean, fresh look and feel of new carpet goes beyond most expectations as what makes up a great renovation.

Opening Up Space: Consider getting rid of some walls to open space.  Often this increases the feeling of the size of a room on the favorable side. 

No matter which renovation is chosen for the to do list, have fun with the project.  S]et reasonable expectations on how long the project  will take and what disruptions will take place in daily living in the house while construction occurs.