A lot of us either don't have the time or the motivation to go to the gym regularly or start a health and fitness regime.  However, there are lots of little changes you can make to your lifestyle which can make a significant change to your fitness levels. This article gives advice on the small things that you can do everyday to help your health.

If you have the option of using the life or the stairs, always choose to take the stairs. Even if you just use them to go up to your office in the morning and back down at night this can make a big difference. If you already take the stairs then try running up them instead, or going faster.  You can even think of reasons to use the stairs more often at home.  Maybe you can use the upstairs toilet instead of the downstairs one or simply go up and down the stairs a few times for the sole purpose of getting fitter.

If you automatically reach for the car keys when you use the house, stop and think whether you could in fact walk to your destination. We are so used to using our cars these days, that we don't even think that there might be an alternative.  Walking is one of the best exercises you can take and even a very short work burns calories and builds up muscle. If you do have to drive somewhere park further away than usual and enjoy that extra bit of walking.

Leave the remote control on top of the TV.  Then when you are relaxing in the evening watching TV you will have to get up every time you want to watch a new program. If you change channel ten times in one day you will actually burn one calorie a year.  Maybe seems small but keeping your body active in this way will stop you stiffening up and may encourage you to get up and do more.

If you don't need a trolley in the supermarket use a hand basket instead. This will work those arm muscles.

Try not to sit still for too long. If you move around in any way you will be working muscles and burning calories. If you get into the habit of moving around more than you will be doing it even when you aren't thinking and so getting fitter will become an easy routine.

Consider getting a dog. These animals need regular exercise and you won't be able to forget to take your two daily walks as they will demand this from you.  The fresh air and exercise will do both your body and mind good and you will feel healthier and happier.

Avoid using your modern appliances sometimes to burn calories in the house. Sweep the floor instead of vacuuming, wash up by hand instead of using the dishwasher and do some hand washing and put it on the line instead of using the washing machine and tumble dryer. The extra labour involved helps you get fit.

At work walk to people at talk to them rather than using the phone and email, to build office relationship and build up those muscles at the same time.

Try to do as much in the house as you can for yourself.  Do you own housework, gardening, car washing and window cleaning.  All of these jobs involve muscle power.

These are just a few of the changes you can make to your life style to help with your general fitness and therefore improve your health. You can see how easy it is to just make some simple changes which can ultimately make a huge difference in your life.